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  • Justina - It arrived on time. Capsule design is small and ...

    It arrived on time. Capsule design is small and friendly. Too early to say about its full performance, as I've been using it for two weeks only. I do see though new very small hair coming out on my scalp, but this could be a coincidence of the fact I've been in Xmas vacation, with no stress and lots of rest...

  • Nick - It works, but some things are needed.

    If you have sharpened knives for a number of years and done carpentry, you will know this kit is nothing special.

  • Fauxfyr - Holds one of each Quarter

    It holds one of each quarter. If you like to collect the different mint marks for each quarter, this will not work for you. No fancy map, just a slot with the name and state for the quarters. Since my kids only want one of each quarter for their collection, this works perfect for them.

  • Nappytime Review - This set has it all! Looks authentic!

    This is a very cute and flashy outfit for your dress-up chest! First of all, it is very easy for children to put on independently with the pull-on pants and the mock-buttons over a velcro jacket. It looks realistic with the patches and the word "Police" printed across the back. The hat is adjustable and has nice gold accents to make it look more authentic. The accessories may seem cheap (as they are just hollow plastic without moveable parts, except for the handcuffs) but in a child's imagination they will be real just the same. The handcuffs are nice because even if the keys get misplaced they can still be easily removed and opened by a child, as sometimes the ease of use of these isn't appropriate for the age of children wanting to play with them. Very cute set that has it all!!! The only reason I deducted a star is because one of the buttons/brads on the side of the hat was just barely hanging off and is kind of sharp where it broke so I will have to try to glue that back on, but other than that we love it!

  • C.Y. Simpleton - Customer Service Infinite Loop

    Why is the retail box set $27 (which is a download also) while the digital download is $99? See my full review at the retail box product.

  • Joanmac07 - Stick with your old version of quicken

    We originally purchased Quicken 2005. At the end of 2008, Quicken notified us that they would stop supporting the 2005 version of quicken (i.e. quotes, bank statements etc.)but encouraged us to purchase their upgrade. I chose to hold off since I was generally happy with quicken 05. Recently, our financial situation got more complex with the addition of new investment accounts. So I decided it was time to upgrade. We purchased quicken 2011. What a waste. 2011 does absolutely nothing that 2005 didn't already do. If anything, it is less user friendly. Yes I am able to get stock quotes. But I have had nothing but trouble with downloading bank information. Quicken only recognized one of my banks and when it downloaded the information it screwed up all of my balances. I had to delete the account and start over again. I have tried to contact customer assistance but only get a run around from one recording to another. When I finally got to talk to someone, they said the problem was with my online bank. I contacted my bank and they said that they were set up to handle quicken and weren't sure why I was having problems. One would think that Intuit would have some significant upgrades going from Quicken 2005 to Quicken 2011. I am hugely disappointed. Save your money