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  • Anna - Nice fix for tangled hair

    I know this is not the intended use, but my daughter has fine, long hair, and this detangles her hair better than any of the products we have tried. Another bonus: her hair is very wavy and curly (think Merida from Brave) and this product relaxes the curl but doesn't straighten it completely. After drying fully, it springs back into her many curls and waves, just without the tangles. Bonus: no tears when we use it. I have used it as well on my fine, bobbed hair, and it looks sleek and sophisticated with no sticky residue. Highly recommend it!

  • LEWIS - this product was a great fit and easy to install

    this product was a great fit and easy to install! but dealing with amazons gift card ABSOLUTELY was not! I called many times and no response!

  • Amazon Customer - Too sticky

    Love the organic and health ingredients...but honestly thus works better as a make-up remover. It's much to sticky to wear as an astringent.

  • Brian Fennell - Feeling better

    This stuff really makes a difference with my health. I read a lot of reports of people feeling better after taking DE. I use it around the house to keep the fleas and other pests at bay. I started taking a table spoon 2 times a day in water. It has cleaned me out pretty good. I still get aches and pains, but I recover faster. I suffer from severe arthritis pain. This stuff has helped me out. It also helps with indigestion and heart burn. I haven't had any acid flare ups. It is tasteless, a little chalky, but I simply mix it up, slam it down, then chase it with a little bit more liquid. My hair and nails grow faster too.

  • Lola A. Zunker - 23+ years and still happy

    I have used Peachtree, which became Sage since 1991 and am very happy with the product. I do have to pay for payroll tax updates but so does everyone using an accounting program. I do books for several small companies and over the years a couple of my clients have been audited by the IRS which was never a problem because I am able to print reports with ease and excellent audit trails.

  • Amazon Customer - A fantastic story about a fantastic journey.

    A fantastic story about a fantastic journey....the aborted attempt by Shackleton and crew to cross the continent of Antartica in 1915. I gave it only three stars because I found the writing to be a little dry and repetitive, especially in comparison to other great non-fiction stories I have read. Also I thought the book ended too abruptly, without much followup on the characters I had come to care about. However, the story itself is so strong that I would recommend the book. It about the triumph of Shackleton's leadership and his crew against unimaginable conditions. It demonstrates what can be achieved with spirit and discipline, even when pitted against the most inhospitable landscape on our planet!