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  • so cal mom - Meah........

    I have experience with the two most prominent powered nasal irrigation competitors. While I found the Navage system easy to use, I also found that it removed less 'debris' than the other two major competitors. The pulling effect of the Navage does provide a different sensation compared to the pushing effect of the competitors. I irrigate at different angles and the Navage did not provide that user option. I also irrigate with 2 cups of solution each time. The Navage system got a great trial since I was dealing with a major sinus infection at the time, during which I was irrigating as much as four times a day - that would result in using 8 saline pods per day! Other raters are correct, if you use other irrigation methods, you can make your own solution, as I do, for a fraction of what the saline pods will cost you. Probably okay for a periodic sinus sufferer that is trying to wash out air borne allergens but it proved ineffective for my irrigation needs.

  • Meng Qi - Nice software

    Great software that takes care of virtually all accounting needs of a small business. Some aspects of user interface could be simplified and made more intuitive.

  • Amazon Customer - Miracle vitamin

    I had damage from wearing sew in weaves. The heat had broken off my hair considerably. I'd tried most of the hair growth vitamins on the market and none came close to the results I received while taking Mielle vitamins. Within only a couple of weeks of taking the vitamins I saw a noticeable difference in the length and thickness of my hair. I agree with the other reviews about taking the vitamins with a meal to prevent headaches and/or stomach aches.. However if you would like to see swift natural hair growth these vitamins are your answer. I absolutely love them!!!

  • Maggie - Life saver for fried and bleached hair!

    This product is a life saver. I bleached my hair from dark brown to blonde so I could dye my hair purple. After about 4 months with purple hair I wanted to go back to dark brown and I used a color remover that literally fried my hair. My hair was never completely healed in those 4 months but right after I used the color remover, my hair turned into gum. My hair was SUPER porous and SUPER stretchy. I couldn't even come my hair or run my fingers through my hair. My hair wouldn't dry until 2-3 hours later. I was miserable. The color remover left my hair a nasty blonde-green color and when I tried to dye over it with a red brown hair dye, it would not take. I put the 2-step protein all over my hair and blew dried my hair for 20 minutes and then rinsed it out. My hair was IMMEDIATELY fixed. It's not fixed like virgin hair but improved a LOT compared to what I was left with from the color remover. My hair was no longer super porous, it wasn't as limp, and it dried within normal time. My hair was literally saved because the color remover left my hair snapping off like rubber bands but after this treatment, it was no longer breaking.

  • Just a Buyer - Best Software

    for this type of application. Use this at home on the computer. Use GPS in the vehicles. But have had Microsoft streets since it was first released. Works great. Have to keep these programs up to date however. This has the capability of finding nearby places such as hotels, restaurants. It can find fastest, slowest, prettiest roads to travel. Works up pricing for gas after you give it a bit of information.