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  • honey - Worked for me

    This shampoo works. I have been drug free for 80 days, but the stand test went back six months. I used this after using the marijco method (however you spell that)for the days prior to the test. I used the aloe nexxus rid shampoo on the test day. I washed twice with that and used the ultra clean as directed. Got my results today and they were negative.

  • James P. Menghi - Great, Easy install, flawless

    These crossbars installed easily. I lacked a torc wrench, but found a knowledgeable person who helped finish the installation. The worked flawlessly on a long trip, at very high speeds with cross winds.

  • Rene - A perfect addition!

    Every time I tell people about this kit and then demonstrate how quiet our water pump is they are blown away!

  • Christopher - They are fast and easy to load

    I bought 5 of these. Our family loves using these. They are fast and easy to load. Great family activity. The darts will sting a bit if they hit you in the face from 10 feet away. I know this because I'm been shot in the face more than once.

  • Elizabeth Herren - NCLEX-RN

    Book in excellent condition. It is exactly what I need and more, did not expect an online class to be included!

  • S. Shelton - So soft

    This oil makes my skin feel softer than ever. I have also noticed less lines and wrinkles after using it only a month.

  • LAURA A ORTIZ - Awesome

    The scent of this Spray is awesome my boyfriend has never had this and as a gift I purchased this and he absolutly loved it.