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  • SuzieQ1957 - Crappy program

    Firstly, I bought this program specifically to make a photo calendar for my family. I wanted to make a two page calender - the top page for a collage of photos and the bottom page the calendar. This program will only make a one page calendar. Before I bought the program, I was in contact with Hallmark by email, asking if this program would make the calendar I wanted. They said it does, but it doesn't. Secondly, I tried to print one of the test pages I made for 2013, it printed December 2011. No print preview. No way to print only one month when the 12 month calendar was selected. My printer is already a pig on ink so if I made one mistake I would have to reprint all 12 months. Thirdly, I tried to email a card to a friend, and it was sent in a .avi(?) file format. The person couldn't open that type of file.

  • Anita Rogers - I had a good time watching it

    I think there is so much truth in the information about the equipment and spirit box's and the whole thing about how EVP's reliability is dependent on the listener. I had a good time watching it. Nice to see Aaron Goodwin cameo too. He is awesome sauce.