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  • Kindle Customer - If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your ...

    Mike is right, drink water! Lots of it! I drink 32 oz before I take it in the morning and another 32 oz within an hour of taking it! I've also noticed the least amount of side effects if I use the restroom prior to taking it. If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your dosage! Not drinking A TON of water has resulted in nausea, an upset stomach, and feelings of lethargy for me! Stay SUPER hydrated guys! Always listen to your body, everybody is different.

  • Leigh - I would not recommend this nutcracker for anyone looking to buy one that ...

    I would not recommend this nutcracker for anyone looking to buy one that cracks nuts really well, but what it does do is make people crack up when they see it. I bought this for my dad as a Christmas present, and it was a hit. Everyone loved it and asked where I ordered this from. If you are looking for a fun, silly gift, I would recommend you buy this. Maybe one day it will be considered a collector's item!

  • Jorgerewards - 2015-2016 all trims it works!!

    Not the best but it does the job, fitted perfectly on my 2016 Rav-4 XLE (for the ones who need specifics) just hard to put if you are not outside under the sun trying to stretch it.

  • Kali Duke - I would NOT recommend this book to anyone

    I would NOT recommend this book to anyone. The questions seem way too easy.I have found several questions with more than one correct answer and several with outright wrong answers. Some of the study material in this book is laughable for anyone who has a college level education. Don't buy this. Find a better one.

  • Kindle Customer - Cautiously Optimistic!

    I have lost over 5 pounds in a few weeks, while also burning 500-1000 calories 3-4 times/week working out (Swimming, cycling & gym workouts) while also maintaining a 1500 to 2000 calorie diet. I take no more than 2 tablets in the morning a couple of hours apart. When I would take two at once which you are supposed to do after a few days, I would get sweaty, anxious with a queasy feeling.

  • Amazon Customer - Never again

    I could give no star I would. I took half a dose and am shaky and not feeling well. Don't take this it's not worth it!

  • R. Rowland - Lots of information, but finding it no so good

    This book has everything you ever needed to know about Access 2010 in a nearly understandable text. However, finding an appropriate answer can be a challenge. Topics are not conducive to my way of thinking, consequently some times it takes a while to find what is needed.