Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation - The Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation was created to provide patient/family support, serve as an information resource for patients and practitioners, promote public awareness, and aid in the prevention, cure and treatment of RRP by encouraging and participating in promising RRP research studies.

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  • dean westen - pretty nice

    i would call my hands average size for a man, i am 6 feet tall with a small frame, and no one has ever accused me of having big hands, I got the XL and they are not too big, they are almost just right.

  • Angela Keller - It looks gorgeous on the wall and doesn't stick out a lot like other mounts that I have had

    Comes with everything that you need for the installation. It's 2 separate pieces which makes the installation a lot easier. I have a 65" Sharp Aquos and it fits perfectly on this mount. It looks gorgeous on the wall and doesn't stick out a lot like other mounts that I have had. The included HDMI cable is a basic cable but gets the job done. For the price I would highly recommend this product to anyone, especially since it comes with the HDMI cable. -- I did receive this product free or discounted in exchange for an honest, unbiased review --

  • Slava - Popular and innovative

    I will try, hope it's not addictive and doesn't block natural protective reactions of an organism! It became very popular in Europe. Hope it works. I bought 1 for me and 3 more for my mom, dad and grandma. Good price and fast shipping!

  • Patrick Kelly - It Works! Guys perspective

    I decided to try this out after using many different face cleaners. I grew up with a sister so I would always just use her face cleaning stuff and none of it would work. I even tried prescribed face wash and all that did was dry out my face. Overall I would always wash my face and nothing would work. I had a very greasy forehead where I would need to wipe my forehead as if I was sweating at work. I began using this stuff incorrectly because the written instructions were a bit unclear but the tutorial video online helped and now after using it correctly for just over 2 weeks now my skin is better than it has ever been! I was expecting a breakout in week two like it says may and will probably happen on the website but nothing came from it. My skin just kept getting better and better without the face peeling and what not. Best stuff I have used so far, I was really starting to think my face just reacted badly to all treatment but after using this its been awesome!

  • Ciara Elizabeth - (I found this out in my own research) If you're not sure if you have heightened cortisol levels I recommend doing some research

    This product works if taken for a longer period of time (nothing is a miracle drug so you can't take it for two weeks and expect instant results. HOWEVER, it only works if you weight issues are cortisol related. The ingredients in the pills are designed to fight cortisol levels which are heightened by stress and primarily the cause of abdominal weight gain in women. (I found this out in my own research)

  • Jan Phillips for CHR - Do NOT buy Finishing To\uch YES

    *UPDATE - Idea Village did give me the refund but I still had to pay for return shipping through the USPS.