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  • Amy Fan - Picture and product description is wrong - only the Title is correct - only get oral spray

    Beware the picture is not what you are ordering. The picture shows oral spray and clear nail solution. The product description only talks about the nail solution. But what you actual get is only the oral spray, no clear nail solution.

  • AT85 - 2014 Still Better than 2016 Model

    This has been my EDC light for 5 months. For the price it cant be beat. Word of advice to new buyers - if your going to be running the full 1050 turbo mode longer than 30 seconds at a time, this model will ramp down eventually from 1050 to 800 after battery has reached 75% or so, unlike the new model that stays at 1050 no ramping down (you will damage light at this power if on more than 15min or so), and High in new model is 370 instead of this ones 800. New model 800lm is for Strobe only as opposed to this one running strobe at turbo (1050.) Either way do your research... read other reviews go to candlepower forums. Thrunight has made a believer out of me. They make high VALUE lights that last. Excellent circuitry, well built lights.

  • Bobby - This book is really nice and well summarized

    This book is really nice and well summarized. This book was able to help me figure out how the basal ganglia take part in the control of our habit. It also pointed out how animals who had injuries in their basal ganglia were seen to have issues in controlling and forming an habit. It also helped me to see ways by which i can develop a new habit by changing the routine of the old habit gradually. I never knew how willpower had a very major role to play not until i read this book. This book worth reading.

  • Beth Beitman - Usually Hate Self-Tanners!

    I have no other options now - skin cancer is costing me a fortune and although i LOVE the sun - i have to stop tanning. So - I've tried a few different self tanners and recently got Tan Physics - and i love it. I paid a small fortune for a spray tan at a highly recommended spa - and it was horrible. With Tan Physics I can control where/how it goes on - and the color is beautiful. It really looks natural and that horrible smell is absent!

  • Kindle MomLKS - Elle

    I am not normally an Elle reader, but got this one as a free Kindle copy. It was nice and crisp on the screenand easy to navigate.

  • tom ramsey - fast and easy fit

    the cover was easy to install no drilling and got a perfect fit .easy to fold and latch, looks good, would reccomend .