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    Don't even bother stopping at any Kiosk that is selling this so called miracle skin care line! It's a scam! My husband was sucked in while we're on vacation in Hawaii at an outdoor mall. They gave us a deal by throwing in 2 free items (face & eye lift cream) with their Thermal Mask & Face Serum. It hasn't changed any of my fine lines. It's all hype! Try a better product like Origins!

  • Maurice S. Murphy - Building a Better Mouse-Trap or nixing Outlook Express for MACROS?

    Outlook Express was an E-Z to use E-Mail client. Now it's Microsoft Outlook 2010, a mix-match of hard to even learn presets that takes hours to literally force it not to reformat any e-mail into a myriad of frustration. The simple GUI of Outlook Express (free with most pre-W 7 OS set-ups), was a fast, novice-pro simple no-frills basic text to WYSIWYG HTML text formatting work of E-mail fine art program, and a very useful way to get exactly what M S Outlook fails to do with it's 100's of icon cluttered ribbons, tabs, tables, previews and restrictions are a royal pain to plod through. Its mega-format MACROS did not make sending any e-mails easier, just screwed it all up. Even the file formats in MS Outlook *.msg formats are not the same as Outlook Express's *.eml coding that makes sending 1 OE E-mail to an M S Outlook abomination (or vice versa) a lesson in how one program strips the formatting of the other and degrades the message that plonks into your Inbox. At prices from $120 up for 1 PC, you need to buy another copy just to install it into a 2nd W-7 OS. Some users may like their e-mail client doing the fancy tweaks and flamboyant extravagances of M S Outlook for them, funny how I could do the exact same with OE in minutes not hours! I like being in control of exactly what I send to people who wonder if a Chimp on LSD wrote the message they got from me in temperamental M S Outlook 2012!

  • Tang Xiaotang - I was skeptical at first, but after receiving it ...

    I was skeptical at first, but after receiving it, and seeing its anti-static package, I can say this SSD has an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Even used on a SATA II port, I still got an incredible boost. The test speed may seem slower than advertised due to my SATA II port, but the performance shows no difference.

  • James C. Landers - truck seems great.. bought bottom of line version and plenty ...

    Wish I had bought a 6 cylinder...seems really underpowered and motor makes a lot of noise when need to accelerate. Thought 4's were quiet if not powerful. If you don't get keyless entry and have to use a key to enter truck, need to be aware there is no key hole for passenger side door..always have to go to driver side to get in. I am about to have an after market keyless entry added to fix this. Other than these two issues, truck seems great..bought bottom of line version and plenty of other features, like backup camera and blue tooth...oh, no intermittent windshield wipers and no passenger side mirror on sun visor...etc, etc but you get use to it.

  • RP+BP - Our 3-yr old loves it!

    This bike is so much cooler (IMO) than the stuff you find at Walmart. I didn't want Spiderman, Superman, or Tonto on my kid's bike... so this was a perfect score. He loves it!

  • karmar - Info from the Vitanica company on this product

    I emailed the Vitanica company about this product as I wanted to buy it directly from their online store. It was not listed in their products so I asked about it. This was their response:


    I bought this product at walmart. I have tried everything on my legs and I always got an irritation. As most of you should know you should research an item before purchasing. It is plain as day that this is an electric razor. And it works amazing! You use the razor head first THEN afterwards you use the second head to sweep up stubble. My legs have never been smoother and with absolutely no irritation at all.