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  • dr. cliff - Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.

    I bought this to address a flea infestation in my home. I tried to avoid 'bug-bombs' because I have a toddler who jams everything into his mouth all day long. When I sprayed it around baseboards, and on the furniture, I could actually see fleas jumping away, so I thought we were really onto something. Fleas really HATE this stuff! But 48 hours later, the fleas are still here. I think all this stuff did was make them angry for a few minutes. If it kills fleas, you must have to drown them in it. This product represents a complete waste of my time and money, AND three extra days of flea misery before I resorted to bug-bombong the house.

  • Anonymous - Amazing, enlightening book

    Wow, what an amazing and timely book. Cathy O'Neil brings to light some dark realities, and she provides a reader with so much knowledge in a book that is a fascinating and quick read. Very eloquently written with amazingly helpful metaphors to make every reader understand these issues. This is NOT just a math/data book, this is a book that everyone can and should read!!

  • Nicole B. - Easy and fairly convenient.

    I don't have a heavy flow like I used to. Instead, I have a 23-25 day cycle. So, basically every 3.5 weeks, I'm bleeding for a week. I wanted to try the Luna cup, but I found these at the local Walgreens at figured I'd give it a try.

  • MommaBaker - WARPS WHEN HEATED

    It's a good pan in that it does the job and it's stainless steel, but it warps with when heated so things move around when I don't want them to. I will use them, but I have to get something thicker to use to hold my baking products because they obviously don't bake flat in this pan. I am sorry I bought 2, but lesson learned for next time.

  • J. Tavarez - Worked for us!

    After trying the stuff from the stores and other natural products on the market, this one worked better! This is the first year we have dealt with those annoying bugs and multiple times. This will be the product I'll come back for next time! You can use it everyday. You can leave it on for a long time (minimum 30 minutes but I leave it on one hour). Once you comb, you'll find 100% dead critters! This is also the most affordable. My kids do complain about the smell. It's VERY minty. I like it but no one else in the family does.