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  • HLMHugs - Had never heard of this before....and now love

    I had never heard of this stuff before reading about it on one of the blogs I follow plus a pharmacist pointing it out to me at one of our local specialty drugstores. I was originally looking for a generic hair, skin, and nail vitamin, but this stuff is wonderful. And you can't beat the price here on Amazon (Sam's Club now carries this). My hair and nails have always grown super fast/thick/strong, but my skin is horribly hit or miss based on what's going on in life. I noticed a significant difference in my skin within a week. Plus my hair and nails were growing even stronger and faster. I do not take the prescribed 6 pills daily, just 3-4. As some of the other reviewers mentioned, it really dehydrates you if you're not paying attention. I'll be using this regularly going forward. I hope you found this helpful!

  • Britany F - Good for Aussies, but not Pit bulls.

    Works great. Gets that excess fur off of my australian shepard/pit bull mix. She has long hair around her neck, but short hair around most of her body and tummy. So this help keeps her "mane" in check. It does NOT work for a regular pit bull however. Their fur is way too short and its too easy to accidentally cut them. Not that they even need it, but just in case you were thinking about it for yours.

  • Proverb - Works fine

    Outlook 2010 is the last version that is compatible with XP and Vista. I bought this version, so it would be in line with Office 2010 Home Edition, which was already installed on my PC.

  • Cassie B. - I second the "poonami" review

    I bought this at Target because I needed it fast. My 7 month old hadn't pooped for 5 days. I read the reviews on here and ran out to grab a bottle. I so agree with the "Poonami" review! So true! My daughter made a gigantic poo when she got up in the morning (12 hours after dosing). And a couple hours later, one equally as huge! If your baby is struggling to go, buy this! It is SO worth it! Who knew my daughter's bowel movement would cause me such relief?!

  • Sara - It works very well

    I was skeptical that a supplement would help my thinning hair but I have been using these for 8 months and my thinning areas are almost as filled in as my normal thicker areas of hair on my head. Overall my hair is thicker too. I've not noticed any thickening of hair anywhere else so no bad side effects. I've not been able to let my hair grow beyond a short style for years but now I'm letting it grow and it looks healthy.

  • Robert E Gaff, Jr - Cutco Review

    For another two hundred dollars I could have had a real complete set of knives but I was unaware at the time.

  • Lisa Lewis - Crapola

    If I could give this a half star I would. Or even a quarter star. It doesn't shave all the way to the skin, took FORRREEEVVERRRRR to do ONE leg. Really, because it ran out of juice after one leg and my hair was only about 3 days growth. I recharged it and did my other leg, then shaved down to the skin with a razor. Thinking the light might still help slow down growth, I decided to keep using it anyway, but after about 2 weeks(4 uses, I believe) the thing crapped out. It wouldn't charge at all. Complete garbage.