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  • Ryan D. Couch - This was easy to install and looks great on my bike

    This was easy to install and looks great on my bike. I highly recommend this, especially if you live in a state that allows you to remove the turn signal stalks.

  • Jeff Van Laeke - I would definitely recommend keeping heat on max for first 100 miles

    Worked very well after following instructions and driver car for approx. 100 miles. I had antifreeze in my exhaust and this completely eliminated it.

  • Thrakazog - Exactly what I was looking for

    The way I hold my mouse, the heel of my palm rests on the mouse pad. Normally it's fine, but when I'm on my PC for extended periods, it tends to get sore. I've tried different pads with the wrist rest built in, using gel, foam, etc. I've never liked them because they changed how I wanted to hold my mouse, got in the way, and tended to cause my hand to go numb after periods of extended use. I imagined a normal mouse pad that just happened to be made out of memory foam so that where my palm rested on it, it would just sink in and not get sore. I really didn't expect to find something like that, but here it is. Almost exactly what I wanted. I imagined a square,level memory foam pad.....but this is close enough.....probably better. I can hold my mouse the way I want, no wrist rest getting in the way, and my palm no longer gets sore from resting on a hard surface.

  • Jayne Borden - low quality materials

    The frame looks nice but doesn't last long. We bought ours about 18 months ago and the foot board is separating from the side boards. My foot board is now held together with ties straps. Quite tacky and unfixable. Would not recommend this for anyone who wants a longterm bed frame.

  • Acula - Great..... as a toy

    I think my review is going to be a bit biased. Honestly I would never buy these tools for use in my garage. They are just too flimsy and can only hold up to the lightest of work. I actually bought this set for my son so he can play with them. In this regard they are perfect. One exception is the ratchet itself. This seems to be a better product