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  • Hana Pugh - I saw that Kim Kardashian used this for her perfect selfies and had to find it for myself (pathetic

    I saw that Kim Kardashian used this for her perfect selfies and had to find it for myself (pathetic, I know. Bite me) My friends and I all have this and we love it. Sidebar: we aren't teeny boppers. We are 30 year old women with careers (I'm married with a child), but we like to post the occasional (or multiple) selfy and snapchat videos of ourselves. We spend quite a bit of dollars in Sephora, MAC, and on our hair and we spend countless hours on youtube learning how to perfect our winged eyeliner, highlight, and contour. This phone case allows us to show off our hard work. Kinda joking, but kinda serious. Anyway, you will love this case.

  • ArtistCPA - Additional charges apply

    After I purchased this payroll product and used it for several months Intuit started charging our firm a monthly fee for processing, on top of the fee we paid for software. This is a new billing practice for them (I've been using their payroll for 4 years now and there have never been any additional charges) so be aware they have changed how they charge for payroll. They force you to provide a credit card number to activate the account.

  • PaddyVA - Blue Screen!! Trial Support Catch 22!

    6/4/2010 Update -- Finally, I got ATI to work with my PC. I will say that Acronis Support did stick with the problem, and finally identified a driver on a IDE card that was interfering with ATI. I couldn't get an update to the driver that would work, and since I could get by without the card, I removed it and the driver, and ATI has worked. I haven't verified the backups by actually using them yet, but at least it backed up my whole PC without further problems.

  • Harper - WOW!

    It's great! Gives energy .... no more mid day crash! No preservatives! And now for the con... it tastes horrible when just put with water. Gritty nasty! But.. add a couple tbl spoons of honey and fruit for a smoothie and your good to go!

  • KMWLoaders LTD - Informative.

    Originally got this when upgraded our auto cad and thought guys would get a kick of it. Turned out to be very helpful and informative. Even my pros learned something.

  • 9696silvana9696 - in tradition

    I love it. It's fifteen years that I buy this calendar. It's representing my tradition. The first time a was living in NYC, now in Rome.

  • Amazon Customer - It turns out to be one of most surprisingly great impulse buys of my life

    I bought this shaver on impulse. It turns out to be one of most surprisingly great impulse buys of my life. The darn thing is great! It takes me about a minute to shave in the morning, does a GREAT job, and is really convenient.