Shimadzu do Brasil - A Shimadzu do Brasil é uma subsidiária da Shimadzu Corp. com sede no Japão. Fabricante de equipamentos científicos nas áreas Analítica, Médica, e Biotecnologia. Atua no Brasil desde 1988 com escritório em São Paulo, gerenciando operações no Brasil e América Latina.

  • Shimadzu do Brasil - espectrômetros, fluorescência, raios-x, difratômetros, microscópios, durômetros, balanças, médico, hospitalar, ultra-som, us, tomografia, ct, angiografia, hemodinâmica

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Technology Expert - Best AV so far... Hope they stop heading toward the way of Norton.

    Best AV software I have found for Windows. Fairly light on resources, catches most viruses, Great Heuristics. I wish they wouldn't have pop ups for license renewal and the price could be better. They seems to be starting to go the way of Norton, Too much fluff, too expensive, and not enough control over the automated modules. I think the 2012 or 2013 versions is where they peaked. since then, they have added a lot of junk and little function.

  • J. Hamby - Can't do without it!

    This was very easy to install, took about 15 minutes is all. It works exactly as advertised. Sound quality is good, but you do have to turn the volume up louder than your radio so when you go from this to your radio, remember to turn the volume down first! Overall I am very satisfied and wish I bought it sooner. I've used this for over 6 months with no issues.

  • Joan Plesa - No More Mess!

    Love it! I started using one of those home meal delivery services and most of the cooking involves a frying pan. Loved the food but hated the cleanup. This has solved the issue! I use a wok and was a little concerned it wouldn't fit. Well it works great with the wok as well. Easy to clean and store. I love it so much I sent one to my niece as she's setting up her first apartment. Can't wait for her to get it!

  • mailorder - Nero 2012 Platinum customer

    I haven't tried this version, the reason I automatically gave it a bad review is the following. I bought Nero in the past. I got the 2012 Platinum version. I have redone my pc several times. I went to reinstall so I could watch a movie with my kids and got a message that my legit product key activation failed. They limit you, even though it says that the software never expires. So now I have to wait to see if I will even get a response and can't watch the movie with the kids because of their poorly designed activation setup. I would like to know if they still use the same system for activation. The only thing I get is an option to upgrade to 2016 or contact Technical Support. It also says they no longer support legacy products, so where does that leave me? I am not paying you more money Nero, you can forget it. I will find a company that is loyal to existing customers. Buyer be ware, you might think you have a lasting product because it says it never expires, but they can remotely disable your software, even if you did nothing wrong.

  • Live to Ride - Good aerator and easy to use

    Very easy to use. Most wines I buy don't really need to be aerated but this is a very efficient way of berating. And to serve your wine you press a button and the wine comes out the little spout. Would be a great party accessory- everyone can get their own wine. The wine comes out kind of fizzy and you have to wait for the bubbles to die down. Great gift for wine lovers. I do ,however, think it's a bit overpriced thus 4 instead of 5 stars

  • Margaret B Osborne - Natoral Tonalin

    The Natorol Tonalin CLA is intended for those people who are trying to effectively lose weight. This works through the traditional reduction of calorie on your body with some additional exercises. It is a supplement which is proven and claimed to change how energy is being stored and being utilized by your body.