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  • Lady Boss - TWD is my favorite show, but this was such as painful episode ...

    I am in total SHOCK. I almost yacked and damn near went unconscious. TWD is my favorite show, but this was such a painful episode to watch - and one that I could never be able to watch again. The sh** that went down was so unexpected and did not do justice to the characters that were involved. These characters were what I called "hitters", and although I anticipated one or two of the hitters to succumb to their deaths in this season, I did not expect it to happen in such a way. Brutally painful and unjust, to say the least.

  • lulubelle - Great internet security!

    I have had Avast security for over 5 years now and have been very happy with it. Its very quick to let me know if something in my email or even on facebook that I click on is not a safe site or has a virus or other bug attached to it. Due to this I have not had any bad events happen to my computer. The price is great, I paid $69 one time for up to 3 computers in my household for 3 years and this is the upgraded security for when you use the internet to shop or bank. I also love the fact that they have Avast safe zone to go to when you are on a bank or credit card website. If you go to that site without going to safe zone first, they quickly recommend that you switch to safe zone before continuing into your account. I highly recommend that people use avast as an internet security program. I have recommended it to many friends and relatives who have also been happy with it.