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  • Marcella Merkley - Loved the book

    I am of Irish decent and loved the book. I have visited Ireland, and read a lot about the Potato Famine, which was what drove my ancestor to move to the new World. I loved how he drew the character out and made them real.

  • Wilma - superb value

    Used nearly every day since in my work van. Marvelous piece of kit for the price. Proved its worth when an idiot reversed into me and tried to claim I ran into him. Soon changed his mind when I showed him and the police the video. RESULT!!!!

  • Natalie - So helpful!

    Unsubscribe is the sane, practical guide I've been waiting for to help me finally confront my horrible relationship with email. Highly recommended for anyone ready for change!

  • Geek family of four - which I think is AWESOME!! I saw other reviews that said they ...

    Child loves the taste of these! Came in a package that had a disposable ice pack in it, which I think is AWESOME!! I saw other reviews that said they came in a solid clump due to the heat.

  • V. Farfel - Good gadget + bad clip = 1 star

    I received MOOV personal coach on December 30th 2015. I have done several running workouts and liked it a lot. It has a lot of good things to write about but Im not in a good mood to do so. I decided to test it on a bike ride and unfortunately lost the device. Similarly to what others reported the clip seemed to unbuckle and the device is gone. I have retraced my bike ride - it was only 3 miles run but since MOOV emits no signal there is no way to track so after less than a week use it is gone. I wasn't in a hurry when I went on my bike ride and made sure that the clip is secured properly but it unbuckled anyway. If you only plan to use MOOV on an athletic field where you can quickly find it then by all means get it, but otherwise I would suggest you find better use for your $$$