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  • susie - Sorry Game

    Purchased for Birthday party for Jesus for kids at Church. You can never go wrong with a sorry gift. I am 73 years old and still have the first one that me and my brother spent hours playing when we were kids. Such good memories

  • Jill R. Heybl - Waste of Money

    My daughter wore them twice then they wouldn't charge. Purchased a replacement charger. Now only one will charge and I missed the 30 days to return by 2 days!! Waste of money!!

  • Annijs - regret buying it.

    looked like someone has hited it with baseball bats before it came here. regret buying it. i recomend to check different bikes.

  • Jeremy R. Feit - This was the last great Floyd album

    I was in 5th grade when this came out and still listen to Floyd regularly, especially all their 70s masterpieces: Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall. These men were architecture majors and their albums are concept albums from beginning to end. This was the last great Floyd album. Final Cut sucks. No wonder they broke up after that. My all time favorite PF song is the Pompeii version of Echoes! If you're into travelling into other dimensions, check that out as well. The Wall was Roger Water's at his best, but he was in control freak mode. The more successful PF got, the more miserable, controlling and difficult Waters got. Sad. Check out all of Floyd, from the Syd Barret days, on. If you ever get popular don't let everyone give you acid over and over or your life may get permanently zonked. The only thing that bugs me about this double album is Bring The Boys Back Home comes in way too loud! I have the movie album of the Wall and it's got that great song about Water's daddy. This should've made this album. This album is way better than the movie album, though. The movie is missing Hey You, one of the best songs. My friend saw the movie first and I had to talk him into listening to this album, explaining it's way better and not the horrible singing by the lead actor ruining the Floyd's songs. Brilliant idea, Roger!

  • Lauren Hardwick - Going on two years and have had only positive changes

    This has strengthened my bones so I no longer have osto problems. Had increase hair growth even in places I don't want hair growth.

  • Web Pages - MY HAIR SHED LIKE CRAZY! It's so thin it's ridiculous

    MY HAIR SHED LIKE CRAZY! It's so thin it's ridiculous. I STARTED TAKING HAIRNAMICS, a new hair vitamin that has iron in it, and I got over 6 inches of new growth. But the ends which was the hair that was there before I took HAIRFINITY is so thin. I want to just cut the ends off, but my hair will be too short, might have to do a weave or some braids till I get my hair back. I'm so pissed. I don't know what they have in hairfinity that causes this, but they need to take it off the market or something cuz it makes no sense to keep selling it when so many people report it causes excessive shedding #ijs - Google Hairfinity side effects or shedding and you'll see what I'm talking bout.