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  • Amrodam - Works pretty good

    This product works pretty good to loosen up the build up that was on my dogs teeth. After applying for about 3 weeks, I began scraping a little bit on her teeth and pieces of the build up sort of came off in chunks. It is a good product. I recommend it!

  • K.C. - I love, love

    I love, love, love this face moisturizer and I began purchasing them on Amazon after our local Costco stopped carrying them. My skin is super sensitive. I've always been prone to breakouts, and my skin fluctuates between dry and oily. About two years ago, I also became really sensitive to certain creams, moisturizers, and foundations. Enter: Aveeno. I don't believe this product clogs my pores and it moisturizes well without leaving any sort of greasy feeling. Frankly, I'm addicted to it. It helps soothes my skin after I got a little brave and tried a facial product that backfired on me. Also, the prices on Amazon are generally $2-5 cheaper than my local Target or grocery store.

  • James Carneal - Love the car but the recent recall for steering issues ...

    Love the car but the recent recall for steering issues has the car at the dealer for a long time waiting for the part to be replaced.

  • BilliamIV - Great set for beginners!

    Good beginner golf set. These irons have the open back that helps compensate for inconsistent swings. I have shot a lot better with them than my old set and they didn't break the bank.