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  • doubled822 - Great buy!!!

    This monitor is a fantastic deal! IPS displays are so much better than the older style monitors. As another reviewer mentioned, the ring stand comes in handy for storing random junk like thumb drives, etc. The thin bezel makes it look more expensive than it is. The blue LED has the option to be turned off, which is a great feature if it bothers you. Also, my monitor did not have any of the bleed-through issues that some other reviewers mentioned. Would buy again.

  • Steve D. - This Ninja really is a kitchen warrior!

    The perfect kitchen tool for mixing, chopping, blending, crushing, juicing, and anything else you can think to do with it. This is actually our second Ninja. The first one still works tremendously well, but we misplaced or lost the tall pitcher and blades. This set gives us even more capability. You can load cabbage into the pitcher, pulse a few times and you have perfect cabbage for cole slaw. Need to chop onions for a recipe? No more tears, quarter the onions, drop them in the Ninja, and in seconds you have all the chopped onions you need.

  • Charles Esmailka - Returning it

    I bought this board based on the specifications defined by Newegg. I was led to believe that there were 2x internal USB 2.0 headers, but there is only 1 header for 2 USB ports. This left me unable to hook up a Corsair internal USB link and an extra USB backplate. I also disagree with the angle of the other connectors like the power connectors and USB 3.0. This may help with getting extra air through your case, but it's also a headache to plug things in.