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  • Diana C - Be patient

    Ordered June 23. 1st issue arrived Oct 15. Please be patient, it really could take 16 weeks! My 7 year old grandson loved, loved, loved this comic book! He watches Loony Tunes with us when he visits & was familiar with all the characters. He read all 3 stories immediately & is anxious for more mail. Great job!

  • Monica S. - No more struggling for a temperature!

    This is a must have for parents! Those of us with kids no just how difficult it can be to take a child's temperature. Taking a rectal temperature is literally a pain in the butt, and sometimes kids just do not keep still to take an oral temperature. With this forehead and ear thermometer, none of that is an issue. With in literal seconds, you have an accurate temperature. That is a big plus when dealing with a little who has a fluctuating temperature! The dock for the thermometer is very convenient because you do not have to worry about any parts touching potentially germy surfaces. I love that you have the option of forehead or ear in one device instead of having to keep track of two thermometers. The display screen is easily readable and bright. No issues having to decipher numbers or hold the thermometer to light to read it. Overall this is a great thermometer that I would highly recommend being added to a registry for gifting!

  • Randy Mayes - ... of their ads) and H&R Block is just as good..

    I used Turbo Tax for years ( quit using it because I was offended by one of their ads) and H&R Block is just as good... and a better price. Plus it imported my stuff from Turbo Tax to H&R 's program.

  • Starlake Associates - My first remanufatured toner cartridge

    I've never trusted non HP cartridges for the 20 years that I've been using HP lasers, this was the first. It has worked flawlessly for 1/3 the price of a new HP cartridge and I'll be using them from now on.

  • Bryan - Rocksmith with Guitar

    Excellent bundle. The guitar is a really nice Les Paul Jr. and when you consider the cost of the game with cable and then purchase a new guitar separately, it is an excellent package deal.