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  • Helen Walden - Great Cleaner

    After using every stool softener, prescription or otherwise - this turned out to be the best at staying regular.

  • Shanda P - Not For Everyone!

    I've taken Fat Burners in the past and i was little jittery not to bad. But I could only take this product for 2 days. It made me feel sick to my stomach all day long and when it came time to sleep, forget it. I stared at the ceiling all night long for 2 whole nights. 2 days was enough for me and i stopped taking the product.

  • cindy ansink - "Liquid Gold"

    I recently began using Penetrex three months ago for plantar fasciitis, and I am so pleased. I was going regularly to a podiatrist and then for PT to help with this, and I was slowly improving. Once I started using Penetrex, very quickly my plantar fasciitis started going away. My PT and podiatrist seemed suprised that pushing in on my heel was not hurting anymore, whereas I would previously winced in pain when they did that. I didn't have the heart to tell them it was a cream that I was using. I consider this cream to be "liquid gold", I am truly amazed at how well it helps. Now, I even use it if I have some back pain, and I use it to help with swelling in my fingers (to help get my wedding and engagement ring on). This works better than anything for me to help put my rings on and off my fingers if they are a little swollen for various reasons. I recommended this cream to my mother who also has plantar fasciitis, and she said that it is starting to work for her too. I tried so many things for my plantar fasciitis, and this was the thing that helped the quickest. I am so happy with this product, and would definitely recommend it to anybody.

  • Theresa - Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews.

    No index so that you an find info quickly, recommendations of products that contain fillers, etc, major health issues many people suffer from not addressed at all such as estrogen, adrenal and thyroid issues - the author simply bashes bioidentical hormones. The cost of $10 mentioned in the title is very misleading as it's just not true. Including a simple chart to show names, dosages and times to take which supplements would have been such a huge addition - the author is clearly lazy and cares mostly about looking hot for his hot wife! If the supplements mentioned in this book are all we need to be healthy, why does the author sell his own line of different, very expensive supplements? If you're on his email list, you're bombarded daily! Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews. 5 star reviews are fished for and sometime paid for here at Amazon. I was pretty disappointed with this book.

  • Amazon Customer - Ate an edible 2.5 months before test and passed.

    Alright folks, I am writing a review as a 100% customer. I'm not getting paid to write this good review or whatever. I ate one (whole) HIGHLY potent pot cookie that got me SUPER LIT. I ate that cookie late February, early March. I can't remember the exact date. Anyways, I took a drug test (hair test) a week and a half ago which adds to about 2-2.5 months from the time I ate the cookie and the time of the test. I passed the test. The only thing I can think of that made me pass, other than drinking a ton of fluids and green tea, was this product. I personally did a crazy amount of research because I was paranoid I wasn't going to pass this test and I really needed to for a job. This stuff works, just follow the instructions and try to complete the process completely within and hour or two before the actual test. Best of luck folks.

  • NathanVanMiddlesworth - Wonderful!

    The Sitar arrived in an astounding three days after placing my order! I've had stuff shipped to me from this state that has taken longer, so that just totally blew my mind! Also mind blowing is the sounds of this Sitar & what was contained with it ! My only gripe is that the Misrabs are way too small for my rather large fingers,but I happened to have one around already, & most people have smaller hands than I do,so most would have little or no issue with the Misrabs.:) Highly recommended for those who enjoy Indian music,or those just looking for a new unique sound!

  • Wayne Lutz - baseball

    The most anticipated magazine of the year for me. Full of more information then any baseball junkie needs.