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  • Arielle - does actually work....

    read lots of the reviews and really seems to make a difference in frizziness. Will continue to use!!

  • K. Brooks - 5 year old LOVES this game

    My son just loves this game - because he doesn't have to read directions he just drives around - walks around - loves it. He has learned a few tips from an older friend, but he just enjoys playing it by himself (which is a big deal for our family since he is an only child and never really plays by himself!) He usually asks me to watch, which I get a kick out of - because he is driving and crashing, and walking around - but he seems to understand it even if I don't!

  • TX674 - Best glue I've used so far

    I purchased 4 glues at the time and this one was my favorite.. I've ordered it a few times since. If your looking for something to bond quickly this isn't the glue! I clamp my items together and let them sit over night. I've used it on broken ornaments, ribbon, metals and more. My husband will come in asking for this specific glue to mend/bond his items. I've seen it at the store for the same price but on Amazon tax is included and they save the trip!

  • Chris Z. - Great tablet for the Price

    I primarily bought this tablet for the screen size. I have a 7" tablet and reading books on it can be hard on my eyes. The 10.1" screen makes it really easy for me to see the type and not strain my eyes reading. I also wanted a tablet that had Google Play, so I could try it out. I'd been looking at the Google Nexus but didn't want to spend a mint on another tablet when I already had one. After shopping around, Amazon, eBay and various other sites, I came across this tablet and for the price (I paid $119) it fit the bill. I really like the ethernet and usb connections, I have an extra cable to my router and it's nice to hook it up for a bit more speed. The battery is fine, not the longest lasting, but I can plug it in and use it. I watch videos on YouTube and they look great and play really smooth even the HD videos. I have hi-speed internet and a good wifi router - which I think helps a lot.