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  • Amy Browning - Nice machine for home use.

    Very good machine. My husband and I love it. He set it up himself by watching a YouTube video. Very heavy. The speakers are great for hooking into an iPhone or iPad. Has a fan that is very nice for cooling. The belt moves smoothly. I walk at about 3 mph and my husband runs at 5.5 mph. It works very well.

  • Margaret Smith - A SPARKLING WHITE SMILE

    Okay, mea culpa ... I smoke -- but only occasionally and only outside, so few except close friends know about my socially unacceptable habit. I use the Supersmile Whitening System to keep my teeth stain-free. It works like a champ, even on aging, previously yellowing teeth like mine. Once I had achieved a state of toothsome whiteness, I stopped using the product twice daily and now brush with it only once every couple days. My grin still sparkles. It is important to use a dry toothbrush and brush thoroughly in gentle circles for a full two minutes, even though you might drool a little while doing this. The results are gradual, but ultimately pleasing and far less expensive than most other approaches to tooth whitening. I highly recommend this product to you.

  • Lauren Richards - Good for... well, it's just good

    I have a miniature Daschund named Sophie who is rather feisty, trying to brush her teeth simply ended with both of us angry at each other. She's just a year old, but I could already see plaque build up on her teeth. I asked the groomers at petco and they suggested this product, even showing me before and after pictures of their own pets. It's been (lets see thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon) 5 days and there is already an improvement. I take up her water 30 minutes before and use about the same size (if maybe a bit smaller) that I would use on my own toothbrush. so about 1/2 teaspoon. She licks her lips when I grab the bottle. You don't need to be horribly thurough, I quickly rub it on her teeth inside and out and stop. She licks her chops for a moments and I put down her water (+ water additive) and she's doing great! I highly suggest this product if you and your dog are thinking about getting a divorce over teeth issues.

  • Amazon Customer - DE seems to work for me

    I've been taking 2 heaping tablespoons a day for 2 months, 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. The immediate effect I noticed was a reduction in acid reflux which I experienced on a regular basis. I was taking Zantac to combat this which was very effective in my case but since using DE I have not had to do this. I also experienced itchy skin, especially at night after I went to bed, mostly my lower legs, ankles and feet and it drove me crazy. I tried various lotions and Aveno Eczema lotion worked the best. Now within the last few weeks the itching has almost gone away and I have not had to use any lotion at all. I am beginning to become a believer in the stuff. For the indigestion it was almost immediate. For the itchy skin it took about 6 weeks. So give it time.

  • Sam Gotsis - Pretty good

    The video comes out fine. I like it quite a bit. The internal mic isn't the best, hence 4 stars. I've used camcorders with really good built in mics, and not having to voice over your videos is a big thing, depending on what you're filming. I make TWD scene re-enactments, and I have to voice over most of it. But the picture is good. Mic is alright. Good camcorder. Easy to use.