Medical diagnosis: How correct diagnosis can save a lifeSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS | "Ask not what the symptoms of a disease are; ask what the symptoms of a particular patient mean." - Medical diagnosis: Learn to analyze symptoms and put everything together to make the right diagnosis. Correct and timely diagnosis can save lives.

  • Symptoms and diagnosis: participate in the book projectSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Symptoms of diseases: Are you asking the wrong question? Learn to think like a doctor and participate in the SYMPTOMS and DIAGNOSIS book project.
  • Patient stories: What doctors and patients can learn from themSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Doctor Sapkota shares his real patient stories to teach the readers about overcoming challenges with symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of unique patients.
  • Pneumonia symptoms based on patient age and health statusSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Diagnosis of pneumonia does not mean the same thing for everyone. Your age and your heath status changes your pneumonia symptoms and prognosis.
  • Self Diagnosis: What do my symptoms mean?SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - You can absolutely self diagnose yourself as long as you ask the right question and obtain some basic knowledge, click to learn how: Anyone can do this.
  • Medical Misdiagnosis: Alarming StatisticsSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Medical misdiagnosis is more common than you think, review the statistics and learn what you can do about it.
  • Tired all the time - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - "Why am i so tired all the time?" Learn about medical causes of fatigue and tests to detect them. What to do if everything is normal?
  • Silent heart attack - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - A silent heart attack occurs when you do not have any symptoms from your heart attack or when you unknowingly ignored atypical heart attack symptoms.
  • congestive heart failure life expectancy - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Congestive heart failure life expectancy numbers explained by doctor Sapkota with specifics related to disease stage, gender, age and medication compliance.
  • Heart attack symptoms - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Doctor Sapkota explains everything you need to know about heart attack symptoms in plain English.
  • Pancreas pain - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Pancreas pain: MD explains when you need to be concerned about symptoms of pancreatitis
  • Low potassium symptoms: MD explains the detailsSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Low potassium symptoms explained in plain english by MD: click here to learn the role of potassium in your heart, muscle, nerves, kidneys and digestive tract
  • What causes vertigo? - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Dr Sapkota explains different causes of vertigo in plain English and points out things you can do to help your doctor find the exact cause of your vertigo.
  • White Blood Cells in UrineSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - What does it mean to have White Blood Cells in urine? How do they get there? How can you detect them? Click here to find detailed answers written by MD

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