Talbott Recovery | Addiction Treatment Center in Atlanta, Georgia - Since the 1980s, Talbott has provided meaningful and quality addiction treatment for patients and families in Atlanta and across the U.S. We are honored and proud to provide a listening ear to those seeking recovery and have made the difference for thousands of people across the United States. Let us help you or your family. Together, we can begin the journey.

  • https://talbottcampus.com/alumni-services/ Alumni Addiction Support Services at Talbott Recovery - We offer alumni services to men and women who have left the Talbott Recovery campus but would like continuing addiction support. Learn more.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/about-us/ About Talbott Recovery | Our Mission and Vision Talbott Recovery - When Talbott Recovery opened its doors in the 1980s, we knew that the best way to serve our patients was to be the best at our specialty, to listen carefully to patients, to study our results and to invite family members into the treatment process.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/about-us/community-outreach-events Community Outreach & Events | Talbott Recovery - Explore some of the community outreach & events that Talbott Recovery, an Atlanta drug rehab center, takes part in each year; learn more now.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/locations/talbott-recovery-main-campus-atlanta-georgia/ Inpatient Main Campus | Addiction Treatment Center | Atlanta, GA | Talbott Recovery - Talbott Recovery has a rich history of offering alcohol and drug rehab treatment for patients across the nation. Take the facility 360 tour, get directions, or learn about the professionals, young adult, and pilots programs.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/locations/columbus-ga-outpatient-program/ Talbott Columbus Outpatient Drug Rehab | Columbus, GA | Talbott Recovery - Talbott Recovery offers alcohol and drug rehab treatment for Columbus and the surrounding area. View the facility photo tour, young adult, day, and night programs.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/locations/dunwoody-ga-outpatient-program/ Talbott Dunwoody Outpatient Rehab | Dunwoody, GA | Talbott Recovery - Talbott Recovery offers alcohol and drug rehab treatment for north Atlanta and surrounding areas. See the facility photo tour, young adult, day, and night programs.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/addiction-treatment-programs/ Talbott Addiction Rehab Programs | Talbott Recovery - Whether you are a young adult, an established professional or somewhere in between, we have a program to help you address all aspects of your unique addiction.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/addiction-treatment-programs/professionals/ Professionals Treatment Program | Talbott Recovery - Our Professionals Program has earned a national reputation for comprehensive addiction recovery treatment that treats physicians, nurses, therapists, attorneys, business executives, pharmacists, and more.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/addiction-treatment-programs/pilots/ Pilots Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment | Talbott Recovery - We are one of the few rehab facilities recommended by the FAA. Pilots face specific issues that are unique to their profession and must be considered for any addiction treatment plan.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/addiction-treatment-programs/young-adult-substance-abuse-program/ Young Adults Addiction Treatment Program | Talbott Recovery - Our young adult addiction program provides treatment for a range of addiction disorders, including alcoholism, drug use and other types of substance abuse. We address not just medical and physical issues, but the root of any contributing psychological, psychiatric and spiritual aspects.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/resources/ Top Topics and Educational Articles on Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment | Talbott Recovery - The latest information on addiction and drug rehab treatment and trending topics. Learn what's best for you or your family and how to know the smart decisions that other people do.
  • https://talbottcampus.com/admissions/ Georgia Recovery Center | Substance Abuse Treatment Centers - Find the support you need for your addiction at our Georgia recovery center. Learn more about our substance abuse treatment centers.

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