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  • Steve - This software arrived in a reasonable amount of time. ...

    This software arrived in a reasonable amount of time. It installed and I was able to update it without any problems. I am using it in a Windows 7 computer.


    Thank God I didn't buy this product, my husband got it for free from his sister-in-law for treating his minor acne (now I know why she gave away easily this pretty expensive product). I had few blemishes on my face because of my period, so I decided to help my skin get over it - big mistake!!! I applied the repair treatment lotion before going to bed, and the next morning I came to work with my face burning and as red as a stoplight. By lunch time, the skin on my face was burning and hurting so bad I wanted just to burry my face in a bowl of ice!!! My face is red and swollen all over, and I pray it goes away by tomorrow. I don't know if this is an allergy, or a literal skin burn, or if this how this stuff works. It's definitely not for me. It might work for other people with skin not so sensitive, but PLEASE - don't put this directly on your skin, try it on your elbow first or other piece of skin where it's not visible in case it has reaction.

  • Nitish Aggarwal - amazing product

    Spigen is and always will be my #1 phone/assessories to go to. Everything about it is amazing. The phone cases last a long time and they don't break, they're very durable. I'm happy that I'll be getting the new iPhone that's coming out soon and to have a phone case wallet that can secure the phone and carry my cards is amazing. It's a 2-in 1. I was given a discounted code in exchange for my honest review. And we'll you have it, there's nothing bad about this product and it deserves 5 stars!

  • pachanza - Returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010

    I bought a new HP Z420 Workstation last week and added Office Pro 2013, since we use 2010 in my office. I began the setup yesterday and Office 2013 kept giving me a message that it failed during install and I must try again later. I spent almost three hours on the phone with MS India or wherever "support" being passed to 5 different people, each of which were hopeless and could not get the product to install. The final person declared that it was a server problem on MS's end which would be fixed in 2-3 hours. I tried again this morning and still received the same installation failure error. The "support" was absolutely useless and I am returning this piece of junk and buying Office Pro 2010. I would say don't waste your time with Pro 2013.

  • George - No Kindle for Android support

    I am an avid fan of Popular Science and having recently purchased an Android tablet that works great, I wanted to start moving my 'paper' magazine subscriptions. Unfortunately Amazon, in their attempt to control the e-market is only supporting Kindle devices, not just the Kindle apps. Thankfully, i found out that there is an e-magazine app/website called Zinio where you can get the e-magazines that look identical to the print version...