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  • Robert J. Plumlee - Zero Customer Support

    I purchased Sage Act 2012 and have never been able to get the program to interact appropriately with Windows 7 Pro. I repeatedly get a message that SQL processes are not functional specifically MSSQL$ACT7 Service unavailable. When I called "Customer Service I was informed that for a fee of $289 I could purchase product support. First: Why do I need to buy products support when the program is defective? Second: The Technical Support is, to quote Sage, "Provided by third party vendors and Sage Software extends no warranty as to the quality or effectiveness of the service provided"

  • Jules Bigelow - Captivating, a great read!

    Awesome book!! Couldn't put it down! Most of this book would apply in any city. I suppose most of this stuff is though out the US. I found it very fascinating! It isn't a huge book but what it lacks in length it makes up for in content. Really, I was captivated while reading it.

  • Donovan - I recommend this product

    I have been taking these for over a week. I don't know exactly what they are doing but I feel a lot better physically (digestive system) and emotionally (mood and energy). I get headaches often but haven't had a headache since taking them which is great. I also have oral allergy syndrome so I can't eat a lot of fresh fruit, veggies or herbs but have had no side affects. I will follow up but as of now I am very pleased and will continue to use.

  • J. Brooks - Bad change to the product imo

    I used to love this product because I felt the result was within or beyond expectations and although not permanent the whitening lasts a decent amount of time.

  • Daphne reads-&-reads - Poor performer

    ACT Sage 2010 is a poorly performing product. It will not sync to Blackberry and other PDAs. ACT refuses to provide technical support without purchasing premium support package at $270. I purchased it last year and they were unable to identify and repair the problem. This program isn't worth 25 cents.

  • D Szew - works great!

    I worked for a green cleaning company and we would use this paste. I now purchase this for my home because it's amazing and does the job. It doesn't take much to clean and the results last! You simply wet your sponge and put a little bit of paste on it and you can clean your soap scum from your bathroom glass doors. It doesn't scratch and has a very pleasant smell.