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  • America’s choice | Productive News | the Jupital - As the US Presidential Election Day nears, the US citizens have a choice between Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's antagonistic political platforms.
  • Reestablishing normality | Productive News | the Jupital - Thousands of schools have begun to reopen in Nepal following April’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, with many of the schools having been rebuilt on a temporary basis
  • Top 10 awaits | Productive News | the Jupital - Liang Wenbo recently won his first ranking tournament, emerging victorious versus Judd Trump 9-6 in the final of the English Open.
  • The larger picture | Productive News | the Jupital - Next month, British citizens have the opportunity to vote whether the United Kingdom stays or leaves the European Union.
  • Big Apple cosplay | Productive News | the Jupital - New York Comic Con adds to the growing list of pop culture conventions, providing a community for cosplayers and celebrities to unite.
  • A splash of colour | Productive News | the Jupital - Nintendo releases Paper Mario: Colour Splash, the latest iteration in the Paper Mario series.
  • Essential economic role | Productive News | the Jupital - The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 16,501 outlets and continues to show strong sales growth of 6.4 percent on last year.
  • Catching rays | Productive News | the Jupital - Research suggests individuals soak up sun light in order to attain numerous health benefits. A prime reason for this is the release of vitamin d from the skin.
  • "It's a hard knock life!" | Productive News | the Jupital - The sun came out today when I experienced the amazing Annie The Musical on stage at The Fairfield Halls – wow what a show!
  • Citizens of the world | Productive News | the Jupital - Katie, Ka and their six children are the Sundance family. Originally from Germany, this world-travelling family has now established a home base in Costa Rica.
  • A mysterious creation | Productive News | the Jupital - According to new research at the University of Tokyo a fundamental change to the understanding of the Milky Way may be needed.
  • Racing resurgence | Productive News | the Jupital - Lewis Hamilton recently recorded his 50th race win in the American Grand Prix, simultaneously closing the gap at the top of the standings to 26 points.
  • The evolution of morality in marriage | Productive News | the Jupital - The Republic of Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage through direct popular vote when the country voted ‘Yes’ in a recent referendum.
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