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  • Alma - Easy to apply!

    To soon to see a result. But goes on great, not sticky i was able to let it dry for a while before adding eyeliner. Didn't say i shouldn't do that but i did. I apply every night or when ever i remember once a day. Just wash my face and apply. Doesn't irritate my eyes and i have some what sensitive skin. Works amazing i just need more time to see results. Will update once i have results. * i received this product at a discounted price in return for an honest review.

  • Renny - Great buy!

    Great book definitely a great read with some interesting essays in it, shipped and arrived quickly, came in great condition.

  • maxi-mum - whatever next?

    ...... its bad enough that we are supposed to wax off every single hair that dares to raise its little follicle, - just how are we expected to check what colour our bits are seeing as by the time they lose their " rosy hue" many of us acquire a rounder tum that means any investigation of the nether regions requires a system of mirrors to rival the ballroom at Versailles and a flexibility of the lower limbs that is no longer easily achievable..and is majorly reliant on the juxtaposition of the loo and bathroom sink...thus putting one in a position so precarious that any weakness in the towel rail is liable to result in an extremely painful and embarrassing trip to A&E. And this brings its own problems as you only have 12 minutes before the ambulance arrives in which to make up a plausible excuse for just how you ended up trapped down the side of your loo with 2 hand mirrors and a glass topped vanity case..............

  • Natalie - Plain and simple - this stuff works!

    Alright. I'm going to make this as straightforward and painless as possible. Let's start with what everyone else seems to complain about - the smell.

  • R. Stevens - ... have used Taxact for 6 years and have been happy with the results

    I have used Taxact for 6 years and have been happy with the results.This year is different.They have made some changes to their approach to customer friendly usability.The software is no longer user friendly,You cannot look at any of the forms as you are filling them out or after you complete them.You cannot print your forms until you ready to file.I would much rather look at the completed form before I am about to file.TAXACT has always let you see the forms and print them bfore the filing step.Next year,no TaxAct