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  • Junab Ali - Loved this book

    Inspiring. Loved this book. Love President Clinton. A good man of the world and he will go down as this. I'm going to read My Life next.

  • Michele Venuti - Loved it!

    I have read another series from Bella Forrest and enjoyed it! This was even better. So looking forward to book#2 and all ready preordered it. Love the whole plot and theme. Thanks for a great book!

  • Gabriel - Very Convenient and Useful. Potential Money Saver Depending on User.

    Ironically, this product with the word "soda" in the name has dramatically reduced the amount of soda consumed in my household. The fact that it carbonates water, to which you add your own flavor, has allowed us to come up with lots of alternatives to soda. I'm mostly drinking carbonated water with fresh fruit or herbs (mint, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, etc.). I have some soda syrup on hand when I want a soda but with this product I can now pick and choose the times I want a soda by making my drinks on demand. For this lifestyle change alone I love this product.

  • G. Dent - Connectivity issues {Fixed}

    Someone before mentioned issues with the computer remaining connected to wireless. I had the same connection issues, but they were fixed with a driver update (this is a VivoBook X540SA.)