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  • A. Karam - This is the best car in the world

    This is the best car in the world, it satisfies car people, tech people, and green people. I'm part of all three groups, and that's why there's no other car that can hit that mark. I've had mine for a year. Tesla service is great, they are always helpful. The upfront cost might be a lot, but over time you save so much money with this car. Anyone that gets into it, is in Awe. I hope to get the Model X, and maybe Model 3. Best car company in the Planet, and also is helping reduce emissions. I couldn't recommend it more!

  • Moma Meggie - Lightweight Luxury

    This is the ulitmate in umbrella strollers! Very lightweight but sturdy, nice recline, plush, excellent sun screen, easy to fold up-everything I wanted in a lightweight stroller.

  • Kelly Tauscheck - I would recommend this book to any nursing student studying for the ...

    I would recommend this book to any nursing student studying for the NCLEX. I passed the test in 75 questions in a hour and a half with the help of this book. I bought the book and studied the material for three weeks leading up to the exam and completed every question at the end of the chapters. I felt confident walking into the test that I would pass. Then after I passed I gave the book to a classmate of mine and she passed the NCLEX in 100 questions in two hours. I wouldn't use any other study guide than Kaplan.

  • C. Champion-stucker - [Worst ever.] NEW REVISED WITH HELP!

    [It never worked the seller was unable to communicate and i don't have the time to file a claim against every rip off con-artist here. BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM.]

  • James Armstrong - My 2nd Sole, and couldn't be happier

    I bought a Sole E25 elliptical a while back, and have been incredibly pleased with it. My wife and I decided to expand our fitness room, and we contacted Sole to buy a treadmill. Because I was a repeat customer Sole gave me $100 off on this item, so I got the F63 for $899, shipped.

  • jennypoo - It Works does Not Work!

    Another product that is useless. I have used these several times because they were given to me by a girl who got out of the business of selling them. Like ANYTHING that you spend money on, relax with for a little while, your skin is going to feel and look rested the same as when you get a facial. It brightens your skin for a while and you think you see a difference, until the next morning...money down the drain. These things are totally too expensive..in the long run, more than a professional office can give you.

  • D. Bonvissuto - So far so good

    I read about 50 reviews on this product before I added it to my Amazon Wish List and took all the caveats into consideration. Truthfully, I've only had it for a few weeks, but so far it's made a beautiful pot of short ribs and a lovely bowl of pasta and bean soup. Is it unbelievably heavy? Yes. Do you have to baby it a little (low to medium temperatures; not over 375 in the oven)? Sure. Do I care? No. The reason I wanted this pot is because I'm trying to go "green" with my cookware, and cast iron supposedly adds good things (i.e. small amounts of iron) to your cooking, not harmful chemicals and metals. But I don't want to deal with cleaning cast iron, so the enamel-coated Le Creusets are perfect. Next stop: small saute pan.