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    My dad has been looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones for when he rides his motorcycle. I have looked and looked and for the price these seemed like my best bet. I got them in today and I couldn't believe how nice they were. They are super soft and easy to put in your ear. The charge time is only 1.5 hours, and then it lasts up to 7 hours?! Seriously these things are pretty cool. The set I bought my husband last a couple hours but they are no where near as long lasting as these, nor are they as nice. These also have a speaker button so while you are on the phone, you can put the person on speaker to hear them better, which I thought was just downright neat. I like the fact that these don't get all tangled up every time you move, and that they wont be ripped out of your ears. I would highly recommend these, the quality of these headphones are unbeatable.

  • DeRome - Good Chlorine

    These Chlorine Tablets really do a good job. They are not the cheapie ones you buy at Walmart . They last longer and do a better job for a price that you can't beat. Thank You In the Swim and Thank you Amazon.

  • Aerabess - With Prime I got this super fast!

    With Prime I got this super fast!! was well packaged! My 15 yr old son put it together! great instructions!. Im a big Gurl and this thing handles fine!. Ill update after I have had it awhile, it is still new!