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  • GoGirlGo - Natural Cures is the way to go!

    There's no way around it. The nutrient natural remedy cure has become huge as people are trying to move away from pharmaceuticals which cause liver damage and have many serious side effects.

  • bmoag - Yet another set of problems

    I "upgraded" from 2012 because for reasons that could not be explained it was becoming unstable. I just traded an old set of problems for new ones.

  • any mouse - The stretchy goodness of ArthriD3

    I love arthri D3 cause among many other wonderful health benefits, arthri D3 gave me my stretches back. Everytime i yawn and stretch i am greatfull to arthri D3. Unfortunately when i stop taking ArthriD3 i can't stretch completely anymore. I wish ArthriD3 was more affordable, because i can't afford it next month. My stretches will last about a week after i run out but after that i will have to live without completed stretches. i'll be able to start to stretch but then my back cramps up so i can't finish my stretch. So far i've only gone without ArthriD3 for a week. When my last bottle runs out , i'll be worried and sad without ArthrD3. I also love complexin because it controlls my bladder issues.

  • Wellnessmomma - Great add to daily health regimen for the whole family. Safe daily detox if pregnant or nursing!

    I mix a teaspoonful of DE with almond milk & a little bit of chocolate syrup for my toddler daily. It mixes up well with my immersion blender, he can't tell the difference. I use it as a source of minerals, for immune boosting & warding off parasites(pinworms & other unwanted intestinal parasites). Pinworms are very easy to get, even bigger than lice!! Ick!! My husband & I take a tablespoon(1-2x daily) in OJ. It's a great daily detoxifier + it helps make you regular. Hope this review helps:)

  • Betty - Won't hold charge

    Worked fine at first, but after a few weeks, the device needs to be charged after every use. Sometime it runs out before the session is over. Instructions were not in English and it shipped from Israel.

  • wendy - I've just about finished colouring in all the pictures

    I like to choose my colours so it really compliments the pictures portrayed in the book. In this cas the images left were of men hugging and patting each other on the bottom after collecting a wicket. So I decided to use all the colours of the rainbow.

  • Leah - Wishing I used it sooner!

    I had purchased this a long time ago and never gotten around to using it. I recently found it again about a month ago and decided to give it a shot. I have struggled with acne for a large part of my life and nothing had seemed to work, including prescription medication I had gotten from my dermatologist. Like I said, it has been about a month now and I can already see a major difference in my skin. I feel good enough about it to go without make-up half the time now. I wish I had used it when I purchased!