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  • raymond j jackson - I love it.

    I have a low 360 wave-ish (lol) style haircut. This stuff is very light yet extremely powerful when it comes to moisturizing. My hair fully soaks this stuff up from bone dry. This is by far the best product I've used. Most other stuff I've tried is using either too thick and doesn't do anything unless it's fully wet, or too light and doesn't actually absorb into my hair. All I use it a finger tip and boom my hair does exactly what I want it too.

  • Sandra Garcia - Sports saver

    I'm so thankful for your product. My daughter had shredded her calf in a trampoline accident. The doctors had said they had never seen such a bad injury on someone so young. She is an avid runner and is on her high schools cross country and track teams. The doctors sent her to therapy and after a year she was still in pain when my husband found your product. She is now back to being the runner she wants to be. Your product was a life changer. It gave her the convenience to push herself in workouts and meets. It is now as essential as her shoes for her to continue participating in the sports she loves to do. Thank you, a very appreciative mom.

  • 2driftrs - Waste of money

    Unless you need a full screen laptop size map or the phone listings, don't waste your money. We wanted the program to find us a route to a subdivision in Florida built over 5 years ago, and none of the streets in the subdivision show on their supposedly updated maps. What good is a mapping program that is 5 years out of date? I would never again buy a DeLorme product.

  • Daniel C Bank Jr - Randomly requires connecting to PC to 'update' and WIPE ALL DATA! Is also slow, buggy, poorly designed & horrible support.

    As a software developer I would be ashamed to have been part of releasing such a poor product. The idea is great and I have liked some of the older more basic LeapFrog products, but when it comes to tablets, they are out of their league.

  • Lynnphotos - the pediatrician recommended we wait until he's atleast 4months old to start ...

    i have not really been able to use this just yet. the pediatrician recommended we wait until he's atleast 4months old to start using this kind of thermometer :) it works nicely when us parents use it for ourselves...really just playing with it to test it :p

  • Amazon Customer - It reads like fanfiction. The Stockholm Syndrome theme is so strong

    This is absolute rubbish! I bought this book because I saw a link that said "Harry Potter fans are going crazy over this" and get it while it's 99 cents. So I got it, and I read it. It's atrocious. It reads like fanfiction. The Stockholm Syndrome theme is so strong, which is absolute rubbish! Why isn't giving something no stars a thing, Amazon? This deserves ZERO stars. And the fact that this book could be typed in the same breath as Harry Potter is laughable. There is no character development. There is an incredibly overused theme and the storyline has been done before. Nothing in this book is good.