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  • J. Boyer - Too good to be true

    There is nothing you can buy in a jar that is going to get rid of cellulite or shrink anything. The scent is nice, its lotion. But I don't see any results after weeks. The only thing that is going to work is exercise or surgery. Don't waste your money.

  • Amazon Customer - Almost had a "refund", so why five stars???

    Having been (and still am) a DIY enthusiast for decades, I began using Broderbund's Interior Design software way back in 1995, loved it, and a couple of years later I came across Punch design software. It did an admirable job, and I continued with their software up until my very recent download of Chief Architect Suite 2014. (As an aside, I also want to state here that I have used AutoCad/Mechanical Desktop for mechanical engineering design work for years too, but obviously that software could only be used at work!)

  • deanna marie trent - worked 4 me! helped more than anything else I tried!

    I just finished the 24 day challenge and im very happy with my results. I understand its not 4 every1 and there could b something in it some people are allergic 2 or sensitive 2 but I didny have that problem. I had put on a good 12 lbs that made a big difference 4 me and how I looked and how my clothes fit that I was not at all happy with. I had been going 2 the gym and eating better I have been eating healthier for the last few yrs now granted the occasional fast food or not so healthy meal but 4 the most part I have been eating healthy and I could not 4 nothing shed the weight. Iv never had a problem losing it b4 but it just wasnt going anywhere. I did advocare and have lost all the weight I had put on im so tickled about how I look now and my clothes fitting again without the doughnut hanging over that grossed me out bad. 4 me it was the best thing iv tried I was doung the garcinia stuff id been drinkin a gal of water a day exercising eating rite and it was like my metabolism just quit. I realy have never been big but I realy couldnt get where the weight came from or get rid of it. Now I have im so happy im so glad I did it yes it costed me 250 bucks 4 what I did but was absolutely worth it 4 me. Sorry it didnt work 4 others but everythings not 4 everybody but I think its worth a try. I feel so much better also. Hey if it dnt wrk it dnt wrk whats the difference iv blown my money on way worse stuff...

  • Victor - Good in between the next big book read.

    Lots of normally unknown stuff, most where details on history and facts you only know the basics or hear say of. Good to get the rounded out full set of info on. read it you'll like it too

  • njedpx3 - Good Norelco Shaver at a great price

    Nice inexpensive Norelco. Has a fixed head instead of a floating head. Must be disconnected from charging cord to use; no charging stand. just a charging cord.

  • J123 - This is an excellent product, after Just 1 hour of Spraying all ...

    This is an excellent product , after Just 1 hour of Spraying all spiders are completely dead , even though the original plastic bottle spray Miss Muffet's did not work , I transferred the liquid to a good quality spraying bottle using a small plastic funnel.