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  • Garrett - Great light weight gaming mouse

    I use to have the razer deathadder which was a great mouse but to large. This fits my needs and expectations perfectly, it is precise and pinpoint and a lot lighter and smaller than the deathadder. would recommend.

  • B. Purcell - Awesome!

    I love this machine. It has a great warranty and my family uses it daily. We were so lucky to order in time to get the new 2009 model. The addition of an accessory rack and changes in the console make it well worth the buy.

  • Linda Cody - Fun romp with movie-inspired Ghostbusters

    If you loved the Ghostbuster movies, you will probably greatly enjoy this series. The art is outstanding, and the story well-plotted.


    I planted these seeds the beginning of October a day before we were to get a big rain. I panicked...thought all the seeds would wash away....ran to Big Lots and got large pieces of plastic to cover. Well...I saved most of it and to my surprise the seeds actually started to germinate faster due to the plastic keeping the moisture in...a new finding for me. My lawn is the envy of the block. It is a lusious deep green lawn just as the packaging says...just hope it makes it through the winter. Others have asked me what did I use and wanted the name and everyone has commented on how good it looks and think I have a "GREEN THUMB".:)

  • sequelplease - Good luck everyone

    I passed NCLEX the first time!!!!!! I only used this book and about 2 weeks worth max of NCBSN (I paid for 5 weeks) As I was doing the comprehensive exam in the back of the book I noticed myself getting more questions correct toward the end. The strategies helped a lot. If you graduated and STUDIED in nursing school, this should be all you need. If I passed you can too. Good luck everyone.

  • Shareka - I loved the old bottle ingredients the new ingredients arent ...

    There are new ingredients in the pill bottle. I loved the old body and ingredients the new ingredients arent HEALTHY. Please take a look at the new ingredients before buying. I have been buying this brain for 5 years and I will not by anymore bc they added new ingredients without advising. (Dioxide) Wasn't in the old bottle or packaging compared to new & improved bottle.

  • Amazon Customer - Company takes too long to repair or replace defective machines

    We purchased this machine six weeks ago from a large sporting goods store. Since then, three different technicians have been out trying to make it actually work. The company simply keeps forcing new parts to be ordered - which takes a week - and then sends out technicians who don't even live near us (and so we can't schedule anything convenient) - which takes another week. Rather than simply approving a swap-out of machines or refunding our money, they keep forcing us to keep a $900 machine that doesn't work. I will never buy a product from this company again, and I recommend others stay away from it as well. Their customer service is unacceptable.