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  • Mohawk Mike - Got this for skin tags

    I saw that this was a common naturalist remedy to handle skin tags. With that in mind I have been using this product to treat a few tags on my person. Of the 3 that I've been treating only one has come off and another seems to be beginning to take effect after a week. But the one that came off was painful for about 2.5 days before it finally turned black and fell off. This was really uncomfortable, I think in the future I'm going to use freeze away if I have a tag sure it's uncomfortable but just for a day vs. a few days with this treatment.

  • Tommy - Perfect color laser printer

    Very nice printer. Very compact. Very sharp, vivid printing and bright colors. Uses very little ink. It is supposed to go for a year before refilling ink tanks, we'll see. My wife is a teacher and prints a lot of stuff at home so we have to see what the ink usage is for us. There are many repeated warnings not to let the ink run out as that is not good for the printer and its parts. The ink bottles are inexpensive compared to other printers with ink cartridges and there is less waste. Very easy to hook up to your WiFi network to allow multiple computers to use it. A very good choice for a color laser printer. Highly recommended.

  • Andrea - 3 year old loves the taste and it does help his constipation

    I love Mommy's Bliss products. My three year old has constipation trouble. He likes the taste of this which is a huge plus. No momma wants to try to force medicine into her kids. It's not pleasant for anyone involved. We have used the product several times. It doesn't work immediately for us, but usually he can take a couple doses a day and the next day have a bowel movement. It also seems to make it softer for him so he isn't straining so hard or hurting as much.