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  • Sarah P. - If you want to score in the 90th+ percentile, don't waste your time.

    After receiving scores in the 96th and 78th percentiles for Verbal and Quantitative reasoning, respectively, I decided to buy a study guide so I could work on scoring into the 95-99th percentiles on both. I found the Verbal portion to be utterly useless. Worse, it's actually confusing to someone who has a very good (90th+ percentile) understanding of vocabulary. Some of the vocabulary works in the glossary are flat out incorrect definitions and many of them are simply misleading. The problem with the Verbal portion, particularly the vocabulary in this book, is that it tries to oversimplify.....the oversimplification kills its effectiveness. If you are very weak on vocabulary, or are uninterested in the specific and precise meanings of words, then the Verbal portion may be okay for you. But I find it hard to believe that anyone could raise their Verbal score to above an 85th percentile using this book. I found the math portion to be a little bit better. But the questions were way off base when I took the GRE. Most useful in the Math portion is the summary of the types of problems found in the index (about a hundred problem types, broken down by difficulty).

  • fiestydragn - One of the best curly stylers out there.

    Perfect for defining my 3c/4a curls. Yes, it's sticky and gross and I look like a wet poodle when I first apply it to soaking wet hair and yes, my hair takes FOREVER and a week to dry when coated in this stuff, but once it does, I just scrunch it a bit and I have perfect, soft, defined, beautiful curls for days and days. I still use other styling gels and creams to achieve different effects, but this is one curly styling product I won't willingly live without.

  • Joel - Exceeded overall expectations

    Having played guitar on and off for almost 10 years, I have remained at a steady skill level for some time. That, coupled with work and going back to school has made it difficult to pick the instruments up again. After hearing about this game from a friend, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

  • Craig13 - C6 Corvette Car Cover

    Love this car cover. It fits my 2009 corvette perfectly. It is a thicker cover, which is what I wanted to protect the vette from the elements.