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  • https://wellcast.org/the-breast-microbiome/ The Breast Microbiome - You have read a lot about the gut microbiome. But you may not have known that the breast also has its own microbiome. This mix of microbes could equally ha
  • https://wellcast.org/a-metabolic-nightmare/ A Metabolic Nightmare -     The New York Times printed an article in May of this year highlighting the surprising outcomes of several people that lost a significant amou
  • https://wellcast.org/the-difference-between-oral-vs-transdermal-estrogen/ The Difference Between Oral vs Transdermal Estrogen - A 10-year study was conducted to compare the effects of transdermal (skin patches) and oral estrogen therapy on risk for cardiovascular events.
  • https://wellcast.org/which-oral-contraceptives-carry-the-lowest-risk-of-blood-clots/ Which Oral Contraceptives Carry the Lowest Risk of Blood Clots - More than 100 million women use birth control pills globally. These pills come with its benefits, but they also come with their side effects.
  • https://wellcast.org/iron-dosing-for-best-absorption/ Iron Dosing for Best Absorption - According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the incidence of iron deficiency anemia in the U.S is 2% of adult men, 9-12% in non-Hispanic white women, and nearly 20% in black and Mexican-American women. Toddlers, adolescents and adult females (age 12-49) are amongst the highest risk
  • https://wellcast.org/the-modern-low-fiber-diet-may-be-damaging-our-microbiomes-mental-floss/ The Modern Low-Fiber Diet May Be Damaging Our Microbiomes - This is an informative article about the importance of a high fiber diet. With the overwhelming variety of diets available, the one thing that is important

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  • kimberly - great for renters!

    Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have the decor you love. We use these strips to hang photos and canvas art around our home. They are so easy to use and we haven't had any problems after over 2 years! Love them!

  • Scoobygang - Diffuser

    So much better than the diffuser I had before that used a candle and a glass dish. I guess technology isn't all that organic but for the abillity to use the essential oils I like and "set it and forget it" I'll go high tech. It's also seems like a great gift.

  • John P. - Still not compatible with windows7 or office 2010

    I just got done spending an hour with tech support for intuit trying to resolve the issues that I've been having. I've been patiently waiting to upgrade QuickBooks to version 2011 to resolve the issues I've been experiencing. The conclusion is that QuickBooks is not in some fashion compatible with widows 7 64 bit and office 2010 64 bit. Seems very interesting that the resolution to my problems is to downgrade to 32 bit versions of both. I know that I am not the only person with 64 bit versions of office and windows. It seems to me that a logical choice for a business investing in new hardware would purchase windows 7 64bit with office 2010 64bit. Intuit's own software compatibility states that QuickBooks pro 2011 is compatible with Excel 2010 where it is obviously not. I have display issues with QuickBooks (Words extending out of the text boxes and weird scroll bars in the middle of the screen), blank error messages (Can't figure that one out. A little hard to diagnose without a code of some kind), and incompatibility with excel issues (Can't export quarterly reports to excel). These are the exact same issues that I had with my previous version of QuickBooks. Nothing has been fixed. This was a total waste of my money.

  • Ashley Dee - This product is a great, high quality prenatal vitamin that I highly recommend

    We are looking to expand our family and I wanted to start taking prenatals a few months before we start trying just to ensure my body is as healthy as can be. This product is a great, high quality prenatal vitamin that I highly recommend.

  • minnesotamom - FEDERAL ONLY - BEWARE

    I wish I had read it carefully. But this is only for the federal tax return. In the past I had an investment property so I bought a different version of H&R block software and included both federal and state. Well, the additional cost for the state was $43. I just saw a version with federal + state for only $10 more than I spent. So please be careful with the version or you'll be surprised the additional money needed.

  • fedx8 - A Must-Have for any Pet Parent

    My dog has separation anxiety, and for about a month while we were getting it under control, I would come home to the worst kind of surprises. As a renter, keeping my carpets as clean as they came is really important, and this does a great job. Spells nice, and my dog doesn't show any interest in the spots cleaned with Nature's Miracle, while he still used to sniff around the spots cleaned by other methods.

  • Wesley G. Carter - Not Intuitive

    The way the notes are presented it is difficult to understand. There has to be a better way than using a color code for the strings. Also, it doesn't catch every note you play which reduces your score. Some of the games are cool, but some are very difficult to figure out like the harmonic game. If it just explained things better before it asked you to do them it would be a great help. The harmonics game doesn't tell you if it wants you to rake across all the strings, play across all of the strings like a chord, or play an individual string. It's even confusing to which fret it wants you to play harmonics across.