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  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/kilimanjaro/ngorongoro-serengeti-safari-7-days/ Ngorongoro & Serengeti Safari – 7 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Kilimanjaro Spirit       Your guide will meet you at your hotel and conduct a pre-departure briefing at 09h00 for a 09h30
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  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/kathmandu-valley-rim-biking-13-days/ Kathmandu Valley Rim Biking 13 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal         Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal (1,345m). Overnight at Hotel. Pre-trip meeting and ride from Kathmandu to Kakani
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/kathmandu-uncovered-with-nagarkot/ Kathmandu Uncovered with Nagarkot | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal       Nepal is very rich in its natural beauty. Among different destinations Nagarkot can be said one of the
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/kathmandu-day-tour/ Kathmandu Day Tour | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal       Kathmandu Day Tour Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is very rich in its cultural and historical beauty.
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/gorkha-community-volunteer-program-gcvp-16-days/ Gorkha Community Volunteer Program (GCVP) 16 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal         Arrive at Tribhuvan International airport (1345meters). Overnight at Hotel. Meeting in the Ace
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/arupokhari-school-volunteer-program-asvp15-days/ Arupokhari School Volunteer Program (ASVP)15 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal         Arrive at Tribhuvan International airport (1345meters). Overnight at Hotel. Meeting in the Ace official,
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/nepal/annapurna-circuit-biking-19-days/ Annapurna Circuit Biking 19 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Nepal         Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal (1,345m). Overnight at Hotel Pre-trip meeting and sightseeing in Kathmandu.
  • http://wildspiritadventures.com/all-treks/sandakan-death-march-2/kinabalu-park-poring-hot-springs/ Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Springs – 2 Days | Wild spirit adventures - Sandakan Spirit       Rate Includes Return transfer to Kinabalu Park/Poring Hotspring One night accommodation at the

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  • Jess Admirand - Llewellyn's Datebook

    I've used Llwellyn's datebooks for nearly ten years and have yet to be disappointed by the content. The featured articles are interesting and always an enjoyable read. The esbat lore and sabbat lore is different and I often learn new things with each addition. Plus the recipes included are delicious and ones I'll go back to year after year.

  • HollaRobRob - Waterproof Storage Option

    This review is for the Ohuhu Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier Roof Top Bag, Rain-proof & Fire-proof 15 Cubic Feet. This is a great item to have when traveling. The bag is designed to fit either atop your vehicle or along a rear hitch. A series of six Velcro straps are affixed to the carrier on its bottom and secure it to a bar. I have also found a use for it on my deck, since it is waterproof. I have added chairs, charcoal and other seasonal items to it and I have room to spare. This is a good option for storing household items out of doors securely. The fabric is quite durable; my dog was curious about the new addition to our deck and took several swipes at it with her claws. Her destructive efforts did not leave a scratch.

  • Ouija - This is not a miracle. Nor does it transform.

    I was so excited to try this based on all the glowing reviews, but it did nothing for me. The coverage is very light. Almost nonexistent, in fact. And while the instructions said you can build it to the coverage you need, I found that the more I put on the shinier my face got. It also balled up around my jawline. So attractive! It did not blur or minimize a single line on my face either. This might be a good choice for women under 30 I guess, but for me Skin79 Beauty Balm is still best in class.

  • Gary F. Lee - What "Vet" says this is " Best"?

    I did see several good reviews for this product and focused on those. Apparently I should have paid more attention to the ones that said it did not work. Have used the product 3 times now on 4 dogs. Followed the instructions exactly. Although I love the idea of a "natural product" and although the smell was fairly nice, it flat out did not work. I'd spray it on them , rub it in and leave them on the deck outside for a few hours. As I am brushing my now dry dogs, the fleas are still weaving in and out of their hair! Vets best? Tell that to my dogs who are wondering why I keep spraying them as they scratch and chew at their skin. I should try to get a refund. Buy something else.

  • Amazon Customer - Nothing short of amazing

    I've suffered from allergies my whole life that last all year round. I've taken every medicine and nasal spray and at this point, nothing works anymore. I recently started getting allergy shots and have been using a neti pot off and on for years. I realized nasal irrigation could offer me relief from my sinus issues and the neti pot had been insufficient in administering said relief. The neti pot often burned and left so much water trapped in my nasal passage that anytime I bent over throughout the day my nose would drip.

  • Angel Lees - totally thrilled

    Thank you, Great sale. Great product, So happy to finally have it and I just can't say enough here thanks

  • Pat Terry - Loved It !

    I've been using other name brand anti-virus software for years. This tops anything I've used so far. My two home computers are running faster because of the optimization portion of this application. I've recommended it to others and they love it.