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  • Lindsay - #1 fan but will be making the switch

    These have always been my go too and I've always gotten a clear positive or negative. The first time I used the new design I got a faint second line immediately. The line never got darker but was on every test. I eventually got my pregnant so assumed it was a chemical or I was never pregnant. Fast forward a month later and exact same thing is happening. I thought maybe it was just that box so I bought THREE separate boxes and every single test showed up with that same faint line. NOT pregnant! I've always bought these but will switch to another brand, I can't handle that type of emotional roller coaster.

  • kendra carter - Great ingredients.

    I like this because of the awesome ingredients. I use it when I twist my hair. The only thing that I'm not fond of is that it leaves my hair kind of stiff. I will order it again because it's so good for my hair.

  • APSc - Helps with weight gain, but not worth the side effects

    Our daughter is petite, always has been. She's not unhealthy, but it's hard for her to put on weight. She's highly active and actually eats really well for a 2 1/2 year old. She just has trouble putting on weight. So every now and then I'll buy a 6 pack of Pediasure to help her along.

  • Lisa M. - Give Them a Try, But Don't Rely Only on the Pouches

    I'm vigilant when it comes to rodent elimination. I live in the city in a first floor apartment and mice are an unavoidable consequence of convenient city living. When I discovered a mouse in my apartment, I logically knew that there were more to come if I didn't put up a strong front.

  • Sidney Snyder - great

    This is a great fly reel. I'm an avid fisherman and this reel while not too expensive gets the job done and then some.

  • Tenino1 - good read

    I really enjoyed this book, the story line kept me interested and engaged. The only complaint I had was the misspelling, missing words as well as misused words. Need a new proof reader. Other wise I would have given this book 5 stars.