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  • SQUARE - Square rugs are unusual and harder to find that other shapes. The square dining room needs a square rug. The square rug compliments the square entry. Living room areas with a square coffee table look best with a square rug. The square rug is best if the space to be covered is square. A round table stands out by placement on a square rug.
  • OCTAGON - Octagon shaped rugs can become the focal point of an odd shaped entry hall, a bay window, or beneath a round dining table or cocktail table. They are one of the most difficult shapes to produce and are kind of rare on the rug industry. We suggest you consider the octagon shape for a separate seating area in a great room. It will serve to divide and separate the space.
  • RUNNER - Runners are usually rectangular shaped long narrow rugs. The widths and lengths vary quite a bit. We recommend that you measure carefully the length and width of the space that the runner rug is going cover. We offer most of our rugs in runner shapes. Placing a runner in front of the kitchen counter can protect the floor and if a plate is dropped the rug may keep it from breaking also it is easy on your feet. Of course hallways need hall runners. Double sinks in the bathroom are another area that may benefit. Any high traffic area in the home can use a runner.
  • CONTEMPORARY - Modern and contemporary mean the same thing. Classic modern art for your floor or wall. Over 4000 different syles and color combinations to choose from.
  • SOUTHWESTERN - Southwest rugs incorporate Native-American symbols and tribal themes or angular shapes. They fit well in casual living spaces and homes with a Southwestern style. Some are flat-woven while others have plush pile.
  • TRADITIONAL - Traditional rugs are often based on ancient Persian designs that may be replicated or modernized to fit contemporary tastes. Many have and a central focus or a border with an all over pattern. Many design come in room size rugs and runners so you can coordinate the room with a hallway or stairs. Traditional rugs give the home a rich and tasteful look.
  • TRANSITIONAL - Transitional rugs encompass a wide variety of rugs that fit with traditional, contemporary or modern decor. They range from patterns adapted from traditional though they may be more free flowing, to patterns based on nature's themes leaves and flowers or animal skins. These rugs come in various shapes -- rectangles, circles, squares and runners -- so many possibilities to choose from.
  • FLORAL - Floral rugs are full of flowers. They may be Persian style and traditional or modern with large and small flowers, some in assymetrical patterns. Floral rugs may be traditional, transitional or contemporary and one will be sure to complement your home. Runners are also available in floral themes.
  • COUNTRY HOME - Braided rugs and rugs with floral patterns abound. Also flat woven reversible types. Rugs with apples and rugs with vegetables and rugs with roosters that will complement your "shabby chic" or country home decor.

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