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    City: 55.6667 , Seychelles

  • Amazon Customer - Best on the market- find a distributor

    Probio5 is soooo much better than any other probiotic on the market- but DONT spend this much to buy it! Ask around for an independent ambassador- I'm sure you know someone- and checkout the pricing options! Wholesale pricing is the same or cheaper than OTC junk at Walmart! You'll be so glad you switched to probio5!

  • Big -E Wilson - Friends liked it so much

    Friends liked it so much, they bought it from me before I could use it. Bought another and it has charged 3 phones up fully and it is still at 86% charge on it......WOW.....I bought 3 so far

  • Amazon Customer - Great & User Friendly...

    My daughter-in-law loves this program. It is so easy for her to do what she wants about splitting music into pieces for more people or something.

  • Tita - Best thing I've ever tried for my irritable bowl issues

    Best thing I've ever tried for my irritable bowl issues. Takes bloating away, helps me go regular I can't say enough. The fact that it is GMO free and safe makes me feel all the better about using it. Every morning and I'm good to go lol lol no pun intended.

  • Richard E. Incrocci - Great For The Price!

    I bought the Seiki 55" LCD about 3 weeks ago- open box display for $499. I call it my fair-weather TV. It is great in HD and in any well-lit setting. However, during many darker scenes you will get muddy and grainy effects and heavy pixelation (spelling?). Certain channels will stutter but most will not. Why? I don't know. Yet, for the price, you can't beat it. You would have to double or triple your investment to do better. I will keep it for a few years (I want a high-end 60" LED).

  • Bren - Very sturdy and easy to maneuver

    Very sturdy and easy to maneuver. I love the sun canopy that gives that extra shade, unlike other strollers, the large wheels for rough pavement, and the nice padded seat. My son is 9 months old and enjoys the walks. The seat was comfortable and not to thin like some that you can feel the bar behind their knees. I was worried the Red color would be very bright and annoying but it was a very nice red. The only part that was difficult was to callopse the stroller, which took me a few times to practice but overall it is minor to me compared to the other qualities I appreciate.