Electrospinning device for preparing nanofiber layers - 4SPIN - 4SPIN is an electrospinning device for preparing nanofiber layers from solutions and capable of generating aligned nanofibers.

  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio 4SPIN portfolio for nanofiber production - 4SPIN - 4SPIN is a device for nanofiber production designed to spin a wide range of materials including biopolymers with highly efficient production of nanofiber layers.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/4spin-c4s-lab Electrospinning device 4SPIN - 4SPIN - 4SPIN is electrospinning device for preparing nanofibers from solutions, with random or ordered structure and different alignment. Device can combine electrospinning with hot airflow.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters Emitters for electrospinning and electroblowing - 4SPIN - Types of needle or needleless electrodes for electrospinning nanofiber production, with aspects of functionality, throughput, spinnabillity or productivity.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e1-single-jet Capillary emitter - Single jet - 4SPIN - Thin capillary needle of single jet emitter is used in early development. Capillary emitter is used for materials which are otherwise hard to spin.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e2-multi-jet Capillary emitter - Multi-jet - 4SPIN - Six thin capillary needles multi-jet emitter E2 is used for its better productivity and good spinnabillity.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e3-rod-emitter Needleless system - rod emitter - 4SPIN - Needleless rod emitter E3 is used because of its better throughput, easy maintenance and relatively high spinnabillity.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e4-multi-needleless Needleless system - multi-jet emitter - 4SPIN - Multi-jet emitter is suitable for pilot/operational production of nano-materials, is easy to clean and can cover a large area of the collector with nano-material.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e5-linear-multi-needleless E5 Linear Multi Needleless - 4SPIN - The E5 multi-jet retains the concept of the E4 and converts patented needleless technology into the linear shape of a jet.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e6-composite-double-jet E6 Composite Double Jet - 4SPIN - Most commonly used in the initial development and testing of nanofibre layers composed of two different materials.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e7-composite-needleless-rod E7 Comp. Needleless Rod - 4SPIN - E7 needleless technology allows for the preparation of mixed and composite nanofibre layers (products) of two different materials.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e8-composite-multi-needleless E8 Comp. Multi Needleless - 4SPIN - Linear composite multi needle-less emitter for effective production of composite nanofibres and nanomaterials.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/emitters/e9-coaxial-single-jet E9 Coaxial Single Jet - 4SPIN - Coaxial single jet used for core-shell nanofibre production. Short info and photo of the emitter.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/collectors Types of collectors and aligned nanofibers - 4SPIN - Types of collectors for nanofiber production vary from static plates to rotating and/or patterned collectors designed to produce aligned nanofibers.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/collectors/c1-static-continual Static continual collector C1 - 4SPIN - Simple static collector delivers nanofiber layers with a random internal structure. An additional substrate can be attached to collector with magnets.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/collectors/c2-static-patterned Static patterned collector for aligned nanofibers - 4SPIN - Static patterned collector as the simplest way to achieve nanofibres with an aligned structure (or uniaxially strained nano-materials)
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/collectors/c3-rotating-continual Rotating continual collector C3 - 4SPIN - Rotating continual collector (or rotating drum) enables to obtain larger samples of nano-materials, with the internal structure quite well aligned.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/collectors/c4-rotating-patterned C4 Rotating Patterned - 4SPIN - Rotating patterned collector for the creation of aligned nanofibres - combination of electrostatic and mechanical forces.
  • https://www.4spin.info/portfolio/sliding-tool Collecting Sliding tool for precise alignment - 4SPIN - The collecting sliding tool is used to move between the thin wires of the patterned collectors to collect the deposited nanofibers.
  • https://www.4spin.info/technology Electrospinning technology for nanofiber production - 4SPIN - The principle of the electrospinning is the effect of high voltage on a polymer solution. The main use of electrospinning technology is for nanofiber production.
  • https://www.4spin.info/nanofibers The use of Nanomaterials and Related Applications - 4SPIN - Overview of use of nanofibers in biomedical applications and in other fields of industry and outlook of the nanofiber properties.
  • https://www.4spin.info/blog-and-data Blog & Data - 4SPIN - 4SPIN is a device for preparing nanofiber layers from solutions of biopolymers or synthetic polymers and capable of generating aligned nanofibers.

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