Nutritional supplements - information on nutrition & health issues - Advanced liquid vitamins, antioxidants with red wine extract, green tea, joint aid - nutritional supplements info and tips on nutrition and health concerns

  • The most promising and safe supplements - Listing which supplements are safe and which to avoid like calcium, evening-primrose oil, feverfew, fish oil, folic acid, ginger, glucosamine, chondroitin and more
  • Banned supplements - Recommendations from consumer reports - stay away from 12 identified dietary supplements until the law is changed
  • 25 good reasons for nutritional supplementation - The 25 listed reasons are enough of an encouragement for those seeking optimum health through nutritional supplementation, exercise and a dietary program
  • What do B vitamins do - B vitamins and the support nerve nutrients which play vital roles in helping nerves remain stabilized, healthy and calm
  • Nutrients in multi vitamins - A list of commonly found nutrients in multi vitamins, how much of each nutrient should humans absorb each day and why
  • Veriuni™ liquid multivitamin - Robust health with VERIUNI™ liquid multivitamin containing nearly every nutrient required in an easy-to-swallow, delicious, peach-flavored dose
  • Vitamins and daily dosages - The vitamins dosages recommended for maintaining good health are given here for adults and children weighing 100 pounds and over
  • The Coral Calcium scam - Coral calcium is no different than any other calcium carbonate and it cannot cure or prevent diseases like arthritis etc
  • The truth about Omega 3 fish oil - Omega 3 for the brain’s development and proper functioning, the treatment of depression, the reduction of the likelihood of heart disease
  • Dietary d-limonene - Fresh limonade prepared with the whole lemon (Mediterranean-style lemonade) contains higher levels of d-limonene compared to other citrus products
  • The Ultimate Anti-Stress B1 Bomber Vitamin - The B1 Bomber Vitamin is a balanced B complex vitamin with vital support nutrients to help stabilize and enhance the nervous system
  • HerbaGreen Tea - Green tea high in polyphenols for combating free radicals, containing NO calories or caffeine, in 3 flavors - original, honey lemon, or mandarin mango swirl.
  • Miracle Xango Juice - XanGo™ is highly recommended because it is the only beverage containing the entire mangosteen fruit
  • Advanced Whey Protein Powder - The overwhelming choice for athletes, dieters, and weekend warriors is Advanced Whey Protein Powder available in four great flavors
  • Nutrition against disease in the last fifty thousand years - Ancient Greeks used nutrition against disease, not only as the experimenters, but also as the experimental animals
  • Physical health through nutrition - By assisting your physical health through nutrition you can actually increase the speed at which your body can heal itself
  • The Importance of Nutrition in Healing - For effective healing discuss the patient's nutritional status and let a nutritionist set up a plan to administer liquid protein supplements
  • Mediterranean diet: From research to food based guidelines - We have developed food-based guidelines (FBNG) and we have asked the conscientious citizens to adopt them toward a better nutrition for a better life
  • Fruits and vegetables in the same basket? - More attention to the dietary practices of the Mediterranean people might contribute to the increase of fruits and vegetables consumption everywhere
  • Vegetable history - Any vegetable cook may be interested in learning more about vegetable history, the Romans, their lettuce and asparagus and their swords
  • Nutrients in vegetables - A great variety of nutrients is found in vegetables we consume but we also need to consume a great variety of vegetables
  • History of almonds in the Eastern Mediterranean - Almonds were cultivated in the ancient Mediterranean civilizations and the Romans were calling them the Greek nut
  • The importance of protein - Necessary for the growth/repair of muscles, bones, hair, eyes, for creation of antibodies, for metabolism, digestion etc
  • Simple and complex carbohydrates - Carbohydtares are divided into two groups - simple and complex carbohydates and simple carbohydrates are sometimes called simple sugars
  • Fats and Carbohydrates - The type and amount of fat is what makes all the difference but fats and carbohydrates are bothvital to a healthy diet
  • Essential fat for energy and growth - Cutting down on fats gets some people into trouble because when we are short in essential fats our body suffers
  • Calcium deficiency causes osteoporosis - 25 million American women and 5 million men are suffering from osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency
  • How do we become calcium deficient? - Causes of calcium depletion - over-farming of soils, the use of chemicals, fat free food trends, lactose intolerance, stress, some medical conditions, prescription medications
  • Enzymes in the body - Enzymes help make life possible by regulating almost all biochemical reactions within the human body

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  • D. Kauble - Great product for the price

    I have been treated for hypertension for all of my adult life and have had several different measuring devices. This was of particular interest to me becuase it not only recorded your pressure readings, but allowed you to write in what you were doing before the test was done, and saved that along with the test results. Plus you can make reports and graphs and you can either print it out or email it directly to your physician. I took my old monitor in to the Doctors office to check its accuracy against her sygmoidoscope and it was pretty close. When I received this new monitor, I checked it against my other one and found it to be quite accurate IF the cuff is placed precisely where it is supposed to be. I have found that for my unit and cuff, if I make sure the arrow is directly over the bend of my forearm, with a bit of the cuff just past it, and have it fit slightly loose, the readings are much more accurate and true to the other monitors. just a slight variation can lead to false high readings. having said that, given the things that this can do, I believe it is worth the money and taking time to make sure the cuff is on correctly. I have been using it for the past week and the battery is still holding a good charge and it still works wonderfully. I am not sure if it was supposed to come with a plug but mine did not. It came with the Apple usb cord but did not come with the detachable plug. I happen to be a mac freak so I had a bunch of them around here. I suggest that you get one, if you don't have one. It is much easier to charge it at the wall than having to turn on the laptop to charge it. Like I said, I have been using it three times a day for the last week and it is still at over 90% charge so its very good on battery usage. Worked with my Ipad2 and my Iphone 4s. The free apps are nicely done and simple to use. Over all, love it and glad I got it. hope this helps you decide what you want to do.