Welcome to AnalytiCon Discovery - The Natural Product Company - Analyticon Discovery isolates and purifies Natural Products as screening compounds for drug discovery. Their innate biological relevance translates into higher hit probabilities for your bioscreening. Based on our Natural Product fermentation capabilities and our high-throughput profiling technology, we manufacture screening libraries that contain a multitude of novel compounds for unparalleled diversity space. Selected Natural Product-derived chemotypes serve as the basis for semi-synthetic compound collections facilitating proven medchem access and rapid hit-to-lead development. As drug discovery CRO (contract research organization) and specialists in predominatly chiral and complex small molecules we will meet even your most demanding medicinal chemistry oursourcing needs. Extend your diversity space---with biological relevance!

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  • John Long - Easy installation. My wife really loves the quiet mode

    Works exactly as advertised. Easy installation. My wife really loves the quiet mode...me, not so much but it keeps her happy!

  • salvatore - 2005 - 2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars

    Thes bars are very good.The directions fail to tell you that ther are no screws to remove, instead there are clips that need to be pushed in with a flat edge screw driver while you pull back out the part of the roof rail that needs to come off. Besides that the rails are great ,strong and a perfect fit,not to mention a great price.

  • B. Frei - Requires HUGE suspension of disbelief, but fun to watch

    This is one of my guilty-pleasure movies. The plot is so outlandish and far-fetched it's comical in itself. But the special effects are dazzling, and the pace of the movie is fast and fun. I put this movie on in the background when I'm doing routine chores around the house.

  • HS 11 - Good investment that will hold its value

    This is my 2nd new Toyota purchase.I traded in my 2 year old FJ Cruiser and received more than I paid for it in 2013 on trade!

  • Chuck - Best guide to taxes

    I've tried other guides but this one is the best. I guess actually the $50 one for professionals by JK Lasser might be better. But for me a non professional this one is the best. I need it now for planning for kids college expenses and this is the only guide that helped me understand the alternate minimum tax back when I had some mutual funds.

  • Msteph - Can sleep without it!

    Prior to discovering the sleepytime tea, it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep and even then, I'd wake up 2-3 times throughout the night. I didn't want to take any sleep medicine because I feel like its a little risky so I looked for a more natural remedy and this tea is it! I usually drink it 30 minutes-hour before bedtime and it relaxes me and once I lay down, I'm out within minutes and can usually sleep through the night. My only advice would to be careful of the amount of liquid you consume right before lights out otherwise you'll be waking up for other reasons. Like another user observed, drinking from a small cup will do.