ADESG - Associação dos Diplomados da Escola Superior de Guerra - A ADESG é uma sociedade civil sem fins lucrativos, fundada em 7 de dezembro de 1951 e decretada de utilidade pública em 21 de outubro de 1954

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • BillA_in_CT - Great PC and very quiet due to no fans installed

    Great PC and very quiet due to no fans installed. Being used 18 hours a day for internet and online TV and Netflix.

  • Kayleigh L - Good product

    I was reccently turned on by this product by my hairdresser. I moved to Arizona after living in Texas and found that my hair frizzed up no matter what product I used. I used all sorts of things and my hair still looked terrible! So when I got my hair cut my hairdresser used Morracan Oil. I decided to look it up on here and found that for a little tiny thing it was going to cost me $48! So I kept searching and searching and found this product. I read the reviews and decided on the 2 oz bottle. It was a great price! I did read a reveiw on here about the "funeral home smell" the oil has but I wasn't too worried about it. When I got it and smelled it I found the scent not too bad at all and not even noticable! It kept my hair looking nice as well and now I always have that "just came from the stylist look", it really smoothes the hair! So this is a great product and I reccomend it to anyone.

  • T Rose - OK if you know limitations

    If it maintains a bluetooth link with your phone you can have it beep to help you locate it. If you lose bluetooth connectivity the device is useless. Given the issues with dropped connections and app issues (I personally have not had such issues) I would advise waititng for an updated version. If you do not have a strong wifi signal throughout your entire house this may not be the best product for you.

  • Janelle Bicknell - A journey of sexual discovery.

    An emotional book detailing ones journey on finding his sexual identity along the way he explores a close relationship with a dachshund after he describes that Great Danes are too big and chihuahua are too small.

  • Maggie McFarland - Needs an editor

    In the first few pages there are quite a few typos. "Loose" instead of lose, singular instead of plural, etc. I can't take a book seriously when no one is checking for typos. It seems poorly put together and it just explains a lot of the subjects rather than gives tips or informs. I need to ace this test and I put it down after I saw all the mistakes.

  • Joel A. - Received the product quickly. It was easy to pair and start using.

    Received the product quickly. It was easy to pair and start using. I listen mostly to books so I don't focus on sound quality but for my purpose the sound was clear and clean. I expect music would be too. The only comment is that the piece that fits over the ear is too flexible to really stay in place and stiffing it up would be an improvement.