EFA - Enfance & Familles d'Adoption - Enfance & Familles d’Adoption (EFA) est une fédérationde 92 associations départementales, regroupant 10 000 familles : c'est le premier mouvement de l'adoption en France.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • ChelseaRN - Really thin

    I like the smell of this soap, it smells like oranges. The major problem I have with it is that it's SO thin and watery. It is not good as a shampoo at all. It leaves my hair greasy, and I normally never have problems with greasy hair.

  • C. Denslow - Current users left out in the cold by greedy pricing model.

    Microsoft has decided to eliminate upgrade pricing on Office 2010. This is supposed to "simplify" things for us poor old consumers who don't understand anything. Well, I understand the concept of a 40% price hike just fine, thank you. The only thing they are simplifying is how to line their pockets at our expense. Now they are focusing on these BS keycard licenses, that only work with office preloaded on new computers and lock the software to one machine. I guess MS doesn't care about current users of office anymore. So, if I want to "upgrade", and since I need MS-Access, it would cost me $500. No way. Sticking with 2007. Too bad there is no open office equivalent to Outlook or Access. If there were, I would ditch office completely.

  • Damien De Polignac - A must have in the style...

    First advice, if you don't know MASSIVE ATTACK, you should try to listen one or two of their songs to check if you like this style of music. If you know that it's the case, you can buy that CD with your eyes closed ! All the tracks are awesome, "BLUE LINES" is always original but never annoying... "unfinished sympathy" and "Hymn of the big wheel" are, for me, among the best songs ever in the style...

  • red_dirt_skeptic - One Step Forward, Ten Steps Backwards

    I have not actually been able to play the live version of the game due to the ineptitude of EA CT team. I paid $80 for the Limited Edition version, thinking that I would be playing this game for many years as I have done with previous installments of the franchise, particularly SimCity 4. Unfortunately, I will not playing this game for even a week due to the launch debacle.

  • success - Skin rashes_ Ex Brand partner

    I was a brand partner . I have the ability to outsell if not everybody just about everybody in the industry honestly, but I have moral standards to live by and paid back money to brand partners out of my own pocket who could not make it .

  • G Messer - 5 stars

    FANTASTIC!!!!! I am very pleased. The product is exactly as described. Excellent quality belly butter.

  • Monnikka - dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off ...

    dont buy this in malls! they'll rip u off! so much cheaper on amazon! and it works really well for me