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City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • Paul 1946 - It really is cheaper than striping the old finish and the results are impressive.

    Bought this to try and restore the finish to our oak kitchen table top. The table has been in service since 1986 and has seen a lot of abuse as well as use over the years. It won't take out the nicks and dings but it did a fantastic job of bringing back the color of the table. I put two coats on and buffed the last coat to bring out the finish. I really did amaze me how good our old kitchen table looked. I did lay down an application of spray as you go car waxing spray wax to help preserve the finish. I am very pleased with the results I got on the table and will start on the kitchen cabinet in the near term.

  • Lexico - Three Stars

    I don't understend if Elle sales advertasing or entertaiment... if sales advertasing ítem means it will be free...

  • E. McGrath - PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a nightmare

    Since purchasing this software one month ago, my computer regularly(at least once a day) freezes. I need to shut down completely in order to unfreeze it. It also makes annoying noises and all activities are frozen when it runs. So I wrote to the company and the only advice they gave me was how to disable the annoying noise. Please learn from me - I am embarassed to have bought this product but it is about as bad as any virus I have had and it is impossible to completley delete. I hope I have saved you from this really horrendous 'product'.

  • Jessica Y. - Great read

    Very good book, kept my attention. I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick read. Five stars to this author.

  • Amazon Customer - 1 year, no issues

    NR-240A installed along wiht extensive recirculation piping as close as possible to every fixture in our home using 1/2" for branches and 3/4" for a main trunk.

  • Soft Paws - Great before it stops working

    Was working great until it stopped working correctly after 6 months. Very unhappy with this mechanical keyboard as I paid close to $100 and expected something that wouldn't give out on me. The keys don't register pushes anymore. Unhappy with the direction Razer has gone with this.

  • Kapow!! - life changes with detox

    I have used this tea before and loved the results. I felt better, had more energy, and even experienced weight loss. Presently, so far so good looking forward to the weight loss.