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  • imnotgonnatellu - Insanely awesome, economical option. Works great on dirt and pet scenarios.

    This vacuum rocks. It's the best vacuum I've ever owned. I strongly suggest you purchase this beast of a small package yourself. It has great power and pulls the most disgusting of yuck out from the carpet. It easily lifts off the main frame so you can lift the hose and tank fairly easily.

  • Barry - Don't bother

    I have one of these pipes on a 98 wide glide. The pipe is so close to the transmission I can't get the plug out. I contacted the tech line,( after trying for a day and a half ), and was told by the tech that all I had to do was unbolt the pipe and move it out of the way to check the transmission. This pipe is a joke. Your much better off spending your money elsewhere.

  • Melissa Y - Another tool for anxiety

    I was given the opportunity to try CALM NOW Anxiety Relief and Stress Support, this product was touted to help you feel at ease in social solutions and stay positive and relaxed when in those situations. The claim that peaked my interest was being great for traveling via plane. I was never a nervous flyer until recently. I fly more often for work and I really think its partly the space issue these days on planes. I remember the good ole days of the late 90’s when planes would run half full. You didn’t always have people next to you and there was room to breathe. Those days are gone. The whole experience is stressful, from getting there in traffic, to getting through the TSA lines, to the cattle call boarding, and then taking off. I read recently that flights are more turbulent than in the past and I can believe it.

  • Amee - 77 and going strong!

    My grandmother who is 77 years old has been drinking the Juice Plus Shake mix for ten years at least and taking the capsules for five years is in the most amazing shape. She works in her yard daily and it is beautiful because she is full of energy. That just goes to show what whole food nutition can do for the body. I started taking the capsules about 6 months ago and the shake more recently. The dutch chocolate is so good and it really fills you up. I have been giving my kids the fruit and vegetable gummies which taste awesome as well to help with nutrients they may missing out on. I do have some picky eaters. I would reccomend Juice Plus to everyone and anyone. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about giving your body all it needs to stay free of disease.